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About Vanshika

Relationship Coach for Single Parents

Vanshika is a Relationship and a Purpose Coach for Single Parents. She initially has been working as a Pre-School Teacher and a Freelance Counselor for more than 5 years and has gained a varied experience in various fields of child and human development. As she started diving deeper into the realms of human behavior and psychology, her curiosity in this field grew stronger. She started exploring different therapies in order to help her clients during her counseling sessions which led her to towards learning and apply some of them like Reiki, Self Hypnosis, and Neuro Linguistic Programming. Since childhood, she had this urge to always help people around her. She always felt empathetic toward them and wanted to help them. Her childhood period was not a very pleasant one and she herself faced a lot of rejection, fears, and feelings of being unwanted by her caregivers. She was labeled as a "Failure", 'Looser", and "Ugly Duckling" in school by her teachers and schoolmates. She developed a sense of low self-worth, low self-esteem, introversion, hatred for herself, obsessed with trying to look beautiful, fair, and appealing. All these patterns and behaviors that she developed during her childhood and teenage years became her personality which started hampering her overall growth and development so much so that she had to go to counselors for her treatment. From there, her eagerness to help others who faced the same kind of toxicity grew more and more now taking a form of a full-time career. She started healing herself through learning and practicing Reiki, Self Hypnosis, and NLP. These therapies helped her a lot to gain an understanding of her own self, developing that self-awareness, and past traumas. This became her purpose and inspired her to start helping people professionally and taking them on a journey of self-awareness and self-healing.

Something very traumatic happened that changed the whole course for her. When she experienced abuse and trauma during her marriage, she was completely lost and in depression. She then started realizing that there was much more to her story than this which she had never been aware of. She started exploring herself, peeling off those layers one by one during her counseling sessions after quitting her abusive marriage. Then a real transformation happened within herself. She started looking out for support, experts, and support groups, and then she found us. Yes, her journey of true transformation happened with us by joining our conscious relationship circle. She started to share her stories, and her experiences wherein she realized her unhealthy conditioning and behavior patterns. She started digging into her inner self through our group discussions, doing each and every e-learning journeys, listening to the subliminal, and contemplating those areas that she was afraid to face. 

This also made her aware of why and how she was attracting unhealthy, toxic people/situations in her life. Her whole mindset started to change, a paradigm shift started happening within herself. She also realized that just reading self-help books or following a guru does not bring real transformations in oneself. It comes by taking action each day consistently and working upon oneself with utmost dedication honesty and ownership toward life and oneself. She also believes that it is very important to find the right kind of guidance, and support while going through any kind of crisis. 

She believes that every situation that knocks our life is here to teach us something and to evolve ourselves as higher beings. So until and unless you don't learn those lessons they will keep coming. So it's better that we start realizing this, accepting it, and starting to work on our unhealed traumas, patterns, and conditioning. Life is like a movie where we are all just characters acting in different forms in different situations so don't take life so seriously just play your role in the best of capacities and move ahead. Enjoy every moment that this life has to offer. Smile often. Laugh often.

Today she is working with us as a coach with her keen purpose to support all single parents while providing them with an ecosystem through her open-call discussions and one on one coaching. After everything that she went through during her abusive marriage and now working as a single parent she wanted to help other single parents too. This has now become her purpose in life. If you are looking out for any kind of help as a single parent then check out Vanshika's services.

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