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Welcome to the transformative world of Hardev Kaur. Embarking on her spiritual journey, Hardev has emerged as a beacon of guidance and empowerment, trained under the esteemed mentorship of Akarma and Anamika as a laser coach.

Hardev's Journey

With a profound commitment to aiding individuals in their quest for fulfillment, Hardev specializes in navigating the complexities of relationships, facilitating self-discovery, and fostering the cultivation of healthy boundaries in both personal and professional spheres. Her expertise extends to mindfulness practices and the development of emotional intelligence, offering invaluable support to those feeling stagnant in life's journey.

Beyond her spiritual calling, Hardev brings over eight years of invaluable experience in the e-commerce sector, championing the growth of startups, SMBs, and renowned brands alike. Armed with a B.Tech degree and a PGDOM (Post Graduate Diploma in Operations Management), she further enhances her proficiency with certifications including Six Sigma Green Belt, Amazon Ads, Walmart Ads, and Google Ads.

Join Hardev Kaur on a transformative voyage towards self-realization and holistic growth, where every step is guided by compassion, wisdom, and unwavering dedication.


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