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What it means to be a Certified Laser Coach by Anamify?

The list of coaches mentioned below gone through:
1) Rigorous Self-Transformation Work
2) Learning Laser Coaching Skills
3) 100 Hours of pro-Bono Coaching Work 


List of Certified Laser Coaches by Anamify

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The below-mentioned people are the only people who have completed and given the Laser Coach Certification Program Completion Certificate.

List of Laser Coaches either undergoing Training or finishing 100 hours of Pro-Bono Coaching Sessions

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More about Laser Coach Certification Program

The Laser Coach Certification Program is not just an Educational Program or Certification Program; it's primarily Transformational.

You don't learn coaching.


You become a Coach.


What you learn, you apply to yourself 24x7 first. So, if you are wondering how many hours of commitment I need to put in this?, then the answer is "all the hours in the day."

You are in the observer mode of yourself 24x7.


You are never not Mindful about your own feelings, triggers, wounds, insecurities and fear.


You first apply the knowledge to self-coach yourself from all your challenges (ofcourse with our help and hand-holding).


So, in a nutshell, first you become congruent yourself before you embark on coaching others how to be congruent.

Does this sounds interesting and useful?

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