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About Us

Taking Relationships from Good to Great!

At Anamify, We help people build conscious relationship with their partners and facilitate expansion through our one on one sessions, Long Term Courses and Conscious Relationship Access for Mini Courses.

We believe in providing implementable tools and techniques to people which can help them nurture their relationships on practical basis.

Get inside to fly in the car made up of love. Take your relationships from Good to Great!
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Our Vision

To catalyze Abundance of Wealth and Love

Our Mission

To touch a million lives in next one decade

How it Started

Anamify was founded by Anamika in the year 2019 as her Life Coaching and Energy Healing space for people.

Moving forward on the Journey, In January 2022, along with Akarma, they decided to create a space for people to create abundance in their lives in terms on wealth and Relationships.

Our Methodology

We bring on the table our combined experience of 25 years to provide you all the implementable tools and techniques that will help you THRIVE in your relationships and wealth space.


Emotional Intelligence

Vertical Jumping

Laser Coaching

The Team

Meet our team of Experienced Professionals



Relationship Coach  |  Intuitive Energy Healer


Relationship Coach  |  Numerologist  |  Tantra Master  |  Kundalini Practitioner

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