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Jaspreet Kaur

I feel so empowered after sharing .. this platform really gave me that space to listen which no one as ever listened to me and make me feel
So good that I am not thinking different … this is also the way to go … truly thankful to sachin and Anamika for understanding our concerns so deeply and make us aware about others distinctions in a better ways🤗🤗🤗
I have no special words to express my gratitude towards you for this awakening programme.

Sharmila Sinha

I skim through the discussions everytime I manage to. I introspect my entire day, and try to understand that, is there anything I could've handled better. The insights here work as my check points

Kumar Achanta

This group has helped be become self aware and ask questions to myself which I never asked in my life, a phenomenal transformation in the way I think of myself, others and the whole world ..I see myself to be, do , and have whatever I want.

Vanshika Garg

This group has transformed me in many ways thereby helping me to experience accept enjoy embrace and love  my true inner self

Ujas Dewra

Thanks to both of you for your precious time , you are doing such a great work.

Nanda Kumar

Thank you for your valuable time sir.
Thank you for helping me to make a decision to help myself

Vanshika Garg

I can feel so much of difference within me.... after everything.... all the journeys meditation and my continuous hardwork.... I feel that I am experiencing a paradigm shift.
This group has transformed me in many ways thereby helping me to experience accept enjoy embrace and love  my true inner self.
Before joining and being a part of this beautiful transformational group.... Thank you so much @Akarma  and @Anamika i am truly blessed to have such beautiful support group 🙏😊

Ashi Singhal

Rarely I take screenshots of the messages I receive in whatsapp groups to refer back to.

But lately I'm doing it quite often particularly to capture this group's messages.

This is one of such messages by you, Akarma. Just took the screenshot ✨ 

Thank you for creating this safe space, @Akarma  and @Anamika 🙏🏻❤️

This group reminds me to take pause and ask questions that I'm too "busy" to ask myself.

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