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Information about
Conscious Relationship Circle
WhatsApp Group

Image by Kelly Sikkema
Image by Shane Rounce


We are so happy to see you here.

If you haven't introduced yourself yet, then please take 1 minute to tell us your name and how you found out about this group.

What is this WhatsApp Group about?

  • This is an invitation-only group.

  • This group is used for these 3 objectives:

    • 1️⃣ You can discuss your Relationship/Personal Challenges

    • 2️⃣ We will share tips, info, and techniques to Build Harmonious and Conscious Relationships

    • 3️⃣ We will notify you about upcoming Live Talks, Events, Workshops, Retreats and other programs from Anamify

If you do not wish to take part in the discussions, but only want to receive the updates about our events at Anamify, Join this silent group, Anamify Updates.


What is NOT ALLOWED in this WhatsApp Group?

  • No Good Morning/Good Night and random wish posts.

  • No Gyanbazi or Opinion Sharing. You don't have to involve in every discussion. If you decide to participate in a discussion started by another member, then only share from your personal experience of that matter. If you don't have any personal experience in that matter, then sit back, observe and learn from the conversation.

  • No Random Conversations on topics that are not your personal/relationship challenge. This is a support group, not discussion forum.

  • Please keep the conversations to what your challenge is. Do not generalize your challenge and make it an open-ended discussion.

  • No forwards or sharing of any kind of 3rd party content, no matter how useful you think that is for others. You are free to share your own thoughts.

  • This is not the Conscious Singles Club.

What will cause IMMEDIATE TERMINATION of your group membership without warning?

  • Posting of rude, mean or judgmental comments.

  • If you approach any member directly/privately and they raise complaint about it with us.

Please stay aligned with the group's intention 🌷

To know more about what we do, you can take the following steps...

1️⃣ Explore our website

2️⃣ Check our Insta page

3️⃣ Check our LinkedIn page

4️⃣ Check our YouTube channel for Live Talks Recordings and other useful videos

5️⃣ Check our Facebook page

6️⃣ Check our eLearning Journeys Library

7️⃣ Check our Blogs

8️⃣ About Our Coaches

9️⃣ Book a Clarity Call with us:

If you wish to discuss a personal or relationship matter with us directly to seek clarity on what you can do, then please book our time from here

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