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Intuitive Energy Healing

(ONLY for people who have already done some self-work with us or somewhere else)
These Sessions are done without the use of any external objects. We rely on intuition and Energy to Channelize and purify our being. It Works beyond the space-time construct.

It will help you clear your blockages and balance your Energy.

The Abundance, health, Wealth, and Joy that we are looking for are surrounding us all the time.

We just have to remove the barriers we have put. So that we can allow them to flow in our lives.

Restoring your energetic body can help you,

  • With your Holistic Mental and Emotional Well Being

  • Heal your Body and Physical Ailments

  • Balance your Chakras

  • Manifest more easily

  • Be Lighter

  • Dissolving Past traumas and imprints

  • Cleanse your Auric Field

  • Healing your relationships

  • Raising your happiness levels

  • Increased optimism levels

It does work as effectively as my normal healing sessions and it has given the same benefits to all my clients.

When you Shift yourself at an Energetic Level, Your Mind and Physical Body shift automatically.

Are you ready to experience the shift at an energetic level?


No of Sessions in a package: 6 Sessions

Duration: 30-45 Days

Book a clarity call to discuss what issues you wish to resolve below.
Please mention in the description as well while booking your time slot after payment.

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