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How to Stop being Taken for Granted?

Being taken for granted in a relationship doesn't feel good. While we realize what is happening, it's important for us to take control of certain things and change them.

If you have felt this, NOW is the time for you to take action in the right direction.

We don't become anything, we simply unfold to who we are.


Key Takeaways from the Program

  • How to Prioritize Yourself

  • How to Set Healthy Boundaries

  • How to Communicate Your Needs Assertively

  • How to Become your Own Best Friend 

  • How to Give and Receive Gracefully

In this e-learning journey we will cover

Life is allowing the flow of graceful receiving and wholehearted giving. And life is Relationships, be it with people or anything.

- Anamika D

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Who should join this?

This program is designed to help people stop being taken for granted in romantic relationships.

If you face one or more of these challenges in a romantic relationship or with people in general, which you feel impacts your romantic relationship, then this program is for you...

Inability to express clearly | Inability to say No | Feeling overwhelmed with your partner | Feeling tired of giving | Lack of Healthy Communication | Imbalanced responsibilities | Trust Issues | Unrealistic Expectations | War of Chores | Lack of Appreciation | Mismatched Sex Drives | Not giving proper attention | Differences in Core Values | Being unsupportive | Excessive controlling | Too many Arguments | Keeping score of mistakes | Mental/Emotional Abuse by one partner | Manipulation and Gaslighting

More about this E-Learning Journey

  • 21-Day Journey (Although, if it takes more time for you, you can do it at your own pace and take it slow)

  • Morning and Night Routine Meditations, designed to help you on your lower three chakras and work on an energetic level.

  • Worksheets for Self-Awareness and Mindfulness.

  • Audios for understanding and action plan.

  • Develop personal power, self-love, and self-awareness.

The best part is, with your subscription, you'll have access to all our e-learning journeys, guided meditations, worksheets, subliminals and assessments in one place!

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