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Conscious Relationships Circle is a Sangha

Every morning I listen to Osho or Mooji or BK Shivani.

I spend 1-2 hours (daily )randomly listening to something that my feed has suggested.

My intention is not to seek learning or knowledge anymore.

That doesn't mean I'm saying I know everything. NO. I want to highlight an entirely different point.

Listening to them reminds me of what I already know and it also reminds me to keep applying it.

That's the real power of a Sangha.

If you join a Sangha with the intention to learn more, then you will leave it when you feel there is nothing more for them to give you.

Rather you stick with the Sangha so they remind you daily about...

- what you already know

- what you learnt

- what you practice

- what you don't practice

- how far you have come

- how much you have transformed

Conscious Relationships Circle is also that Sangha

Sometimes, people join it to Seek Information instead of Seeking Transformation.

So, they leave quickly.

But those who are focused on transformation, have stayed.

Would you be interested in joining such a Sangha?

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