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How to Contemplate?

Updated: Jul 1, 2023

Contemplation is a very powerful technique used by masters for thousands of years to bring paradigm shift.

This is what I would like you to do when we ask you to contemplate...

Observe a past memory or incident in your mind without getting involved in it.

When we ask someone to contemplate, they often start reliving the memories and therefore it feels like scratching the wounds.

And when we get in that mode, we easily loose track.

In contemplation,

watch your memories as-if you are watching a movie.

Don't get involved.

Don't attach yourself.

Don't see yourself.

See yourself in those memories as a character. Observe the movie and then see what you learn from it.

If it feels like scratching the wounds,

then become aware that you are not an observer anymore.

You are participating.

Stop immediately.

Take a break and try again.

In the beginning, it will be hard for most people to get it right. Why? Because we are habitual to analyse. So much that we can't even differentiate between the two. In fact, many people think they are same.

For that reason, whenever we ask someone to contemplate they rarely clarify what it means. They assume we asking them to analyse. They get involved.

In contemplation, you are an observer.

For example, when 2 strangers are fighting on the road, you don't get stressed or anxious or overwhelmed by watching them. Why? Because you don't feel involved.

Further, if those people are fighting in a language that you don't understand, then you will feel even more detached.

So, that's what we want you to do.

Do this few times and I guarantee you that you will get really good at this.

Practice of this technique will help you immensely in your healing process.

If you feel ready to heal yourself, then you will find this information very useful...

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