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Root Purification Meditation

Get instant access to this calming mediation, in the voice of our Energy Healer Anamika Now!

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Vanshika Garg

I did the meditation. It was great actually since last 2 days I have been suffering from chronic stomach pain and when I did this meditation it reading helped me a lot....thanks a lot..

Nupur Gupta

I had a beautiful experience attending Anamika's meditation sessions. Her composed demeanor, approachable vibe and profound wisdom sets her apart. More power to you!

Bhawana Pingali

It is such a pleasure to know Anamika. As a spiritual healer and guide, her energy is calming and optimistic. Probably what sets her apart is her own inner awareness of self that helps one to go deeper when meditating with her. Her wisdom is profound and practical at the same time. I look forward to more guided and enriching sessions with her.

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Dhrumil Barot

I participated in meditation sessions hosted by Anamika. Her care for people and her experience in hosting such sessions make it really worth to join her. I would absolutely recommend people to join her group meditations and start the week stress free.

Parikshit Sinha

I have been meditating in some measure nearly all my adult life. But what was so unique about Anamika's guided meditation session. To start with there were neither any presumptions nor any barriers to let thoughts flow, nerves relax and let the inner core awaken in a conscious state. Additionally, her ability to lucidly explain the science and art behind each guided session, objectively handle our thoughts and guide us into a higher space of understanding reflected Anamika's maturity of thought, practice expertise and ability to be a true guide. Highly recommended!

Sourav Mazumdar

I attended 3 guided meditations facilitated by Anamika. They were such a bliss which helped me be calm and composed in my daily life. It has been a good journey for me. Will be joining more of your sessions Anamika. Wishing you and your team all the luck for the life changing work you are doing.

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