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The Shakti Element Retreat
Embodying Divine Feminine
For Women Only
2 Days/2 Nights Residential Healing Retreat


Feminine Energy is Nurturing. 

Most women use this energy to nurture others.

They forget that they can also nurture themselves using this energy.

Why is it important to pay attention to this?
Failing to do this, creates Toxic Feminine Energy
This toxic energy further creates feelings of:

  • low self-esteem

  • low self-worth

  • low self-confidence

  • confusion

  • anxiety and stress

  • suppressed sexuality

  • withdrawal

  • being unsupported

  • being unappreciated

  • being unrecognized.


Healing yourself in this state of mind can feel hard work


So, how to remove this toxicity?

That's exactly what our goal is for this retreat
🎯 Our objective is to help you shift from Toxic Feminine to Divine Feminine, to speed up your healing process.
🎯 To help you become more magnetic.
🎯 To help you embrace your sensuous feminine side.

🎯To help you become grounded, love yourself more, integrate your mind-body-emotions.
🎯To help you open your receiving channels, and experience the wholeness within.

In what different ways it can help you?

At the physical body, Eg. PCOD/PCOS, infertility, digestive disorders, constipation, irregular menstruation or bowel movements or any other pelvic region issues, sexual disinterest, Skin Issues, Bone Issues, Body Pain issues will get resolved.

At the emotional level, past abuses and traumas will start healing. Catharsis will help you let go of your past baggages.

At an energetic level, energy knots/blocks will get dissolved though energy healing. This is healing at the root level.

At the mental level, your belief system about your body, your self-image, your sexuality, your work, your relationships would change.

Other results with participants: More money, more business, more happy relationships flowing in life. Current Relationships have transformed. Drastic expansion in perception.

Who should attend?

  • Those who want to get over the repeating patterns in life

  • Those who want to feel lighter, let go of their baggage

  • Those who want to feel more creative and flexible

  • Those who feel triggered, annoyed or intimidated by men

  • Those who wish to get in touch with their feminine side

  • Those who want to feel their sensuality and magnetism

  • Those who want to empower themselves

  • Those who feel powerless and unable to take charge of their lives

  • Those who want to be more grounded and peaceful

  • Those who want to live a healthier life mentally, emotionally and Physically.


What Ashwini says about the Retreat

Know the two most important things Vidya Got

Connect with how Seepee feels

What  Vidhya says about the Retreat

What Shuchi says about the Retreat

Know what Tina experienced 

See the lightness in Sarika's Face 

Fees for this retreat is ₹25,000 which includes:

  • Accommodation in 3-4 star secluded resort

  • All meals

  • Facilitation for the retreat, guidance and 4 weeks hand-holding.

  • Time with coaches at the retreat

  • One month online group hand-holding after the retreat to help you settle in the new reality

Batch size will be limited to 10.

This is to allow us to focus on each participant personally.

Please Note: The actual schedule of the program is flexible. We won't share minute-by-minute details or details about the activities we conduct there.

Our focus is on delivering the high level objectives mentioned on this page and sometimes we tweak the activities keeping in mind the age and physical capabilities of the participants.

If you have any further questions, then you can ask your specific questions to Anamika on her WhatsApp number: +918817566821

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The Shakti Element Retreat
Embodying Divine Feminine
For Women Only
2 Days/2 Nights Residential Healing Retreat

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