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21-Day Body Detox Challenge

Ayurveda defines health like this...
Health is not the absence of disease but rather a balance between body, mind and spirit.
Healthy mind and Healthy spirit can only exist in Healthy body.
Adopting regular rituals to ensure the body is healthy and vital, is the key to achieve this goal.
To feel grateful to have a healthy body that allows you to live the life of your dreams ☺️🌷
Your body will look after you because you look after your body.
The rest of the process will become easier for you.

Ready to go on the journey? Click below.

Before we do any tantric work at a deeper level, it's imperative to stabilize the body-mind at least at a basic level for things to work the best.


Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Detoxing of Guts

  • Detoxing of Body

  • Detoxing of Breathe

  • Detoxing of Kundalini Energy

Why try this?

  • To help you build a healthy routine

  • To prepare for the e-learning journeys like 'Embodying Divine Feminine' and 'Embodying Divine Masculine'

  • To cleanse the guts and energy blockages

Our blockages accumulated from a long time start getting deposited in the body when not looked after. When we cleanse the body, we have done half of the work.

- Anamika

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