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Healing the Attachments to Heal the Romance

If you are ready to create healthy relationships in life, before learning what to do, it is important to realize why you do what you do right now and heal those parts.

The rest of the learning will fall into place.

The way we behave in relationships for most people stems from past experiences, especially childhood experiences.

We create these attachment styles, based on our unfulfilled needs and we keep repeating the same patterns in our lives which deeply impacts everything we do in relationships.

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Detachment in relationship is not about having no attachments, but knowing when to hold on and when to let go.


Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Raising your self-awareness about your attachment styles

  • Healing the specific wounds based on your attachment style

  • How to communicate in the right way

  • Connect with your Inner Child and Hidden Feelings

  • Improved harmony and intimacy

In this e-learning journey we will cover


  • Finding your Attachment Style

  • What are Attachment Style?

  • Why heal the attachments?

The first step to healing the unhealthy attachments is to accept that we have them.

- Akarma

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Who should join this?

This program is designed to help people Heal the Attachments to bring more intimacy and romance in Relationships.

If you face one or more of these challenges in a romantic relationship, then this program is for you...

Feeling overwhelmed with your partner | Lack of Healthy Communication | Taking each other for granted | Fights over Financial Issues | War of Chores | Trust Issues | Incompatible life goals | Lack of Appreciation | Mismatched Sex Drives | Different Views on Parenting | Jealousy | Differences in Core Values | Unrealistic Expectations | Addictions | Being unsupportive | Not giving proper attention | Boredom | Monotony | Infidelity | Wanting different things from the relationship | Excessive controlling | Too many Arguments | Keeping score of mistakes | Lack of Responsibility on the part of one partner | Attraction outside of Relationship | Mental/Emotional Abuse by one partner | Manipulation | Speaking different love languages

The best part is, with your subscription, you'll have access to all our e-learning journeys, guided meditations, worksheets, subliminals and assessments in one place!

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