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Core needs of Human Design

Every being on earth has needs. No matter how much one tries to deny it. When we suppress our needs, we first stop ourselves to thrive holistically, plus we invest our energy in meeting those needs unconsciously.

A need is something that is required in order to live, succeed or be happy.  And you cannot un-require something that is required.  You cannot argue your way into seeing that it isn’t necessary.  You have one option when it comes to your needs and that is to meet them. 

To learn to meet these needs in a healthy way, one must be aware of what they are and define it for themselves. This helps them to stop playing games with people to meet their needs but to simply get better at asking them without feeling guilty.

We don't come with a manual. That's true but what if we have already created the manual. Our experience with working with people, observing ourselves and people around, has clearly shown 'we all have needs and we all meet them'. So, why not understand it and create a space for better relationships and holistic success in life.


Are you ready to take this 7 days journey?

A need cannot be ignored. We all meet them anyway. Just the difference is if we meet them consciously or unconsciously.

Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Become aware of what your needs are

  • How to look at each of these emotional need from an objective perspective

  • How to create and maintain a healthy attitude towards your needs

  • Understanding the nature of the human needs and a better way to meet your needs

  • How your needs are an important factor to achieve success in life

In this e-learning journey we will cover

  • The need of Certainty

  • The need of Variety

  • The need of Significance

  • The need of Connection

  • The need of Freedom

  • The need of Growth

  • The need of Contribution

Most of us experience trauma around our emotional needs.  So, when we feel these needs within us, we feel extreme lack and desperation and they do not feel easy to meet.  When we learn that our needs are simple and there are healthy ways to meet them. We are ready to find ways to meet them and be happy.

- Akarma

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Who should join this?

This program is designed to help people Understand the Core Needs of Human Design.

Your one option when it comes to needs is to meet them. Why is this your one option? Because if you do not meet those needs consciously, you will meet them subconsciously

Manipulation is what we do when we feel we cannot meet out needs directly, so instead we try to meet them in round about ways. We try to influence others to do what we want them to do so our needs are met.


Thus, In order to get into a space of living a healthy aligned life and create healthy relationships, Its important that we learn about the needs which each human has and finding healthy ways to meet them.

In this course, your will learn about the 7 Core Needs of the human Design. 

This course is for all those who would like to know themselves and others better.

It will help anyone improve their relationship with themselves and others.

The best part is, with your subscription, you'll have access to all our e-learning journeys, guided meditations, worksheets, subliminals and assessments in one place!

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