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Holding Hands

People Psychology

Getting to know yourself and others better.

Your  Communication,




in Relationships.


It all depends upon how well you understand yourself and others. As humans, when we come with this body-mind which is our medium to communicate.


We all are very unique, but we all have certain inherent patterns, needs, attributes, and behaviors in which we are all similar.


And that's the catch,

If we learn these commonalities, It will be easy for us to connect with others better.

 Our responses to how we treat ourselves and others change completely.

Be it Relationships at work or home or your romantic one, you'll be thriving with support and appreciation because you would understand them more.

So, Are you ready to learn?

People Psychology


Human Behaviors
Limiting Patterns
Core needs of Human Design

Colorful Lights

Demystifying Human Behavior


The level of success one can experience in their life can be linked to one most important factor:


Their ability to manage perceptions.

To do that, one must learn the core aspects of human behavior.

Overcoming Limiting Patterns

Laying on Grass

A healthy mind is one that is clear and free to create and manage new perceptions, plus is always ready to shed the old.

People with this level of clarity are flexible and clear about what choices they make.

To purify the mind, one must learn the core limiting patterns of the mind.

7 Core Needs of Human Design

Holding Hands

We as humans are bound to have needs. The problem arises when we label needs as something bad and connect it with neediness.

To deal with our needs in a healthy way, we first must understand what are they. So that we can communicate others without any guilt and they can communicate to us without any fear of judgement.

For Self-Awareness

for Empathy & Self-Awareness

For a Healthy Mind

Who Are We

Key Takeaways from these 3 Programs

  • Learn Perception Management instead of People Management

  • How to look at things from an expanded perception

  • How to create and maintain healthy and balanced relationships

  • Understanding core Human Behavior

  • Becoming friends with our Shadows

  • Learn about the major limiting patterns of mind

  • How to look at things from an expanded perspective

  • How to create and maintain healthy and balanced mind

  • Understanding the nature of mind

  • Coming at ease with the limiting patterns of mind

  • Understanding about core needs of human design

Key Takeaways from these 3 Programs

This program is designed to help people understand human behaviour, limiting patterns of the mind and core needs of human design.


This three people psychology courses will help you improve your self-awareness, empathy and social skills.

If you find judging yourself or others too often, then we are here to offer a different perspective to you.


Life is not about getting rid of your ego, fears, worries, pain....

But actually integrating them into a larger part of you.

When you reject them, you are rejecting part of you and also other people, because we all have it.​


The mind plays a very important role in this. It has many quirks and cues, and we are able to look at it clearly once we start becoming aware of it.

Transcending the mind is not about getting rid of the rationality....

But actually integrating it into a larger part of you.

These courses are for all those who would like to know themselves and others better.

It will help anyone improve their relationship with themselves and others.

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