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Numerology Guidance

Get your compatibility charts read.

With the help of Numerology and Zodiac Sign knowledge, I create a compatibility mapping of a couple or support individuals get clarity on their respective life issues.


Numerology is 2500 years old science and it is believed that Pythagoras invented it.


Since both Numerology and Zodiac Sign calculations are based on date-of-birth, the report produced doesn't change with time or age like Astrology. This report gives us a deep and rich insight into the personality of a person, their key strengths, and key weaknesses.


When I produce individual reports for a couple, I can then predict 3 things from comparing them…


1️⃣ Naturally how compatible they are with each other


2️⃣ What will be the challenge areas that both must be aware of each other


3️⃣ What actions can be taken to improve compatibility with each other


⚠️ Please Note: My remedies are not about pooja-path, rituals, or offerings. *I apply modern-day practices, psychology and Emotional Intelligence fundamentals* to create easy-to-implement practical remedies.


Fees for this service is only ₹5000

The report is in the form of an audio recording


If you feel such a report could help you improve your compatibility with your partner, then please book your time with me...

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