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About Anamika

Relationship Coach and Intuitive Energy Healer.

Anamika started her journey as a Life Coach, Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Healer in the year 2019. Over a period of time she realized that, 'Life is Relationships'. No matter what people need, want, desire in Life. It all begins and ends at relationships. Be it with others, or just oneself. As your relationships with others is just a reflection of you. As she was working as a life coach, she encountered many of her clients going through relationship challenges and how it was impacting their lives. She developed a keen interest in going deeper and exploring this field even further.

In the year 2022, She started taking engagements specifically inclined towards couples and their challenges, people having trouble finding love, people in toxic relationships, healing through divorce/breakups, etc. 

Before coming in this field, she worked as a finance professional for more than 7 years and gained wide experience in different segments of finance and entrepreneurship. When her first business failed miserably, she contemplated what life was pointing her towards. Self-work and a constant curiosity in conscious living was in her bones since her childhood. As she added more and more such instances in her life, it led to the decision of pursuing this field as not just a passion, but profession as well. That last day in her office in 2019 was her first day of deciding to work as a coach full-time. She developed her own style of non-conventional methods for inner growth facilitation over a perios of time. Mindfulness, self-inquiry & awareness are of great importance to her. She has been facilitating 1-1 sessions, workshops, programs, retreats from last 4 years and has now worked with 1500+ people 1-1 or in groups.

Her first Glimpse
She had gone through her first existential crises at the age of 7 or 8 years when she started questioning life. But the drama of life pulled her into the material existence.


Lost in the shadow
She had a toxic childhood till the age of 17 when she realized that it was she who had such a negative viewpoint about everyone and everything in existence. She had major abandonment issues, which led him to feel she doesn't deserve anything and created major receiving blocks in her. Living life in constant fear and insecurity impacting all areas of her life.

The minor awakening

At the age of 17, when she lost her father. Something shifted within her and she was first time introduced to the concept of Law of Attraction, spiritual laws, and the power of her mind. As if through people, they just appeared to her from thin air magically.

She adopted them well and created a life out of it. But later on struggled, as she was still limited to her mind.
It got better, but the problems continued...

She still didnt know why. Because she has studied these things out of passions almost daily for more than half a decade...

The major awakening

Life had more in store. She was struggling through acute insomnia around the year 2018, and she had an out-of-body experience (probably triggered by extreme suppressed pain in life) which led to another existential crisis, making her question everything.

She had realized that the information she had was very limited and there were major gaps in her understanding of how the mind functions. She sensed obstacles and so much of unhealed parts within which started showing up.

She then started, exploring spirituality from a different perspective than just something that was about her personal growth. She then went to many places in search of truths and many masters and guides start appearing to her.


Year 2022 & 2023

The journey continued. She met Akarma in the year 2021. They started working together. and then another milestone of personal transformation began.


She credits Akarma for what she has become in 2 years. The transformation is exponential when you have a master to guide you along your journey. The growth is 10 times more than how she grew in last 12 years of her self-work.
Thus, she very well appreciates the importance of having a master along side.

Along with her methodologies of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and vertical jumping. She learnt laser coaching from Akarma that helped her immensely in sharpening her coaching skills.

The journey continues

There is no where to go, nothing to achieve. Life unfolds beautifully each moment.

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