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For those who wish to discuss their Personal, Professional or Relationship Challenges with our team on 1-on-1 basis.

This is a 45 mins call with one of our Laser Coaches to help you with the following...

  • Express what's on your mind in a judgement free space

  • Openly and Freely share to declutter your thoughts. Don't worry if you feel you don't have the clarity to even express your problem. Our coaches are well trained to guide you through this.

  • Get a second opinion from our coaches

  • Identify those practical and doable options that you haven't figured out on your own (afterall experience counts☺️)

Our team has combined experience of 27,000+ Coaching Hours that has been accumulated over 27+ years by speaking with people in your situation on daily basis.

Here are some examples of problems that people discuss with us

Please Note:

  • For privacy reasons, we have hidden the names of these people.

  • These examples are not the only problems that our team handles. These are shared here to give you the idea that you can feel free to talk about any challenge that you are facing - personal or professional.

Experience Sharing

Read over 100+ of our Client Testimonials here

Ready to book your Clarity Call with our team?

Here are the options...

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Clarity Call with Dr. Ashwini

Certified Laser Coach at Anamify

Dr. Ashwini manages Divorce Support Group at Anamify.

You can book her time to discuss following type of challenges:

  • Any personal and relationship related challenge

  • If you are Divorced OR Going through Divorce OR Thinking about Divorce and wish to get clarity on your challenge

Clarity Call with Anamika

Master Laser Coach at Anamify

You can book Anamika's time to discuss following type of challenges:

  • Any personal, relationship or professional related challenge

  • For Energy Healing

  • To prepare customised Subliminals and Guided Meditations

Clarity Call with Akarma

Master Laser Coach at Anamify

You can book Akarma's time to discuss following type of challenges:

  • Any personal, relationship, professional, leadership or business related challenge

  • For matters related to phobias, sexual abuse, childhood physical/verbal abuse, addictions like smoking, alcohol, food etc.

  • Numerology related

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