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How to set Healthy Boundaries.

In any relationship, a boundary can take the form of a limit you set about what you are comfortable with and how you would prefer to be treated by others.

They define who you are in a relationship. They define what is you and what is not you. The boundaries created in a relationship are meant to show you where you end and someone else begins.


Healthy boundaries in relationships also mean accepting responsibility for your feelings and actions and not unnecessarily taking responsibility for another person’s feelings and actions.


It is about the relationship you have with yourself. It is making sure that people in the relationship are mentally and emotionally healthy.  It allows the relationship to be authentic and stay true to yourself by honoring your own needs, principles, feelings, and values as well as the other person's.

Ready for the work?

Without boundaries, we feel drained, taken advantage of, taken for granted, or intruded upon. Whether it’s in work or in our personal relationships, poor boundaries may lead to resentment, hurt, anger, and burnout.


Key Takeaways from the Program

  • Clear understanding of what healthy and unhealthy boundaries mean

  • Releasing Fear, Guilt, Obligation and Resentment

  • How to communicate about your boundaries to others

  • Empowering self and others to set and maintain healthy boundaries

  • Putting everything in action

In this e-learning journey we will cover

  • ​Learn about healthy and unhealthy boundaries.

  • Learn why we have unhealthy boundaries. 5 root causes.

  • Get clarity on where you currently stand and what you need to improve.

  • Taking actions step by step on setting healthy boundaries.

  • How to continue this journey and practice it in your daily life.

Healthy Relationships do not and cannot exist without Healthy Boundaries.

- Akarma

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Who should join this?

This program is designed to help people set healthy boundaries in Relationships.

If you face one or more of these often in your relationship, then this program is for you...

Your partner defines your life | Your partner has excessive narcissistic tendencies | Over giving and blocked receiving | Lack of Healthy Communication | Feeling taken for granted | Anger issues | Resentfulness | Always energetically drained | Unable to say 'No' | Unable to put your points | Feeling guilty on expressing what you feel | Unable to get over people pleasing | Accepting things even in disagreement | Falling quickly/getting emotionally attached to people | Sexual involvement without your heartful consent | Not knowing your values, ethics, principles, or your moral compass. 

The best part is, with your subscription, you'll have access to all our e-learning journeys, guided meditations, worksheets, subliminals and assessments in one place!

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