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Spiritual Development

Updated: May 17

How does a painter creates a masterpiece?

She starts.

She has no idea when it will finish.

She starts painting with one idea in mind, that she wants to create the best painting she has created so far.

She doesn't know if it will be a masterpiece or not.

She just starts painting.

Some days she will not feel like painting.

Some days she will be unwell.

Some days she will have guests at home.

Some days she had to visit people.

Some days she will have lot of tasks to complete at work.

Some days someone at home will be sick and she had to take care of them.

Some days she will have others seeking her attention.

And this will go on and on and on...

She knows all this.

Yet she starts today. She starts NOW because there will not be a good or right time in future to start it.

She will not get uninterrupted time to finish it.

She knows all this.

Yet she starts.

Self Work is your way of creating your best version so far.

It is not about "creating space and time" for it.

It is creating it bit-by-bit in the space and time you currently have.

Because your best version is what you need right now to handle life.

When you are sick, that's the best time to take medicine. We don't tell ourselves that right now I'm too busy being sick. Let me get well first and then I will take medicine.

It doesn't make sense and yet we do exactly this when it comes to becoming our next best version.

What can be done to break this habit of procrastination?

Join our Osho's Ashtavakra Mahageeta Study Group

Please note: this is not a religious course.

This is a Spiritual Program.

And Spirituality ≠ Religion.

In this context, Spirituality means, Common Sense, Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

That's the angle we will be taking.

So, this is open to all faiths and also to those who don't believe in any religion.

The word "Gita" in Sanskrit simply means "Song" as these texts were originally sung as songs.

Subscribe yourself to discipline.

  • There are 91 episodes from Osho on this topic

  • We study 2 episodes per week and therefore this Study Group will complete in 45 weeks (Mar 2024 - Jan 2025)

  • Every week I release 2 discourses on Monday.

  • Study group members listen to it in their own time and pace

  • Then we discuss it via Google Meet on every Sunday

  • This call is also recorded and shared with Study Group members

It doesn't matter if you can't attend every class.

It is about consistency and not perfection.

It is about becoming part of a "Sangha" that will inspire you to create room for what matters the most - you empowering yourself and giving yourself permission to become a masterpiece!

Contemplate on this!

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