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How to use Anamify for Self Development and to make your Relationships more Harmonious?

Updated: Apr 16

I feel that the answer to this question has 2 levels or stages. So, it depends where you are at currently.

Let me give you a quick summary of these levels...

Level 1: Seeking Awareness

Someone at this level is looking for more information that can help them understand their situation better.

How can Anamify help them?

1️⃣ Read the blogs from our team

2️⃣ Watch recorded conversations on important topics from our YouTube Channel

3️⃣ Participate in Open Discussions. (We have many Support Groups under One Roof. These Open Discussions are conducted by our skilled and Certified Laser Coaches. You can check out the names and details of our Support Groups from here)

4️⃣ Access hand-picked collection of high value audio content (for Free) from our app, curated by our team for Self Development, Self Work, Healing, Building Better Relationships and more

5️⃣ Read informative posts on our Insta Page and follow it

6️⃣ Read informative posts on our LinkedIn Page and follow it:

7️⃣ Stay notified and updated about various activities, events, conversations, open discussions, etc. from our WhatsApp Channel

Level 2: Seeking Transformation

Someone at this level has explored enough information and are now ready to take action.

How can Anamify help them?

At Anamify, we regularly introduce new ways to bring transformation. We also keep updating our old methods to make them more efficient.

I hope this summary is helpful☺️🙏🏻🌷

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