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How to use Anamify for Self Development and to make your Relationships more Harmonious?

Updated: Feb 20

I feel that the answer to this question has 2 levels or stages. So, it depends where you are at currently.

Let me give you a quick summary of these levels...

Level 1: Seeking Awareness

Someone at this level is looking for more information that can help them understand their situation better.

How can Anamify help them?

1️⃣ Read our blogs:

2️⃣ Watch recorded conversations on important topics from our YouTube Channel:

3️⃣ Participate in Open Discussions. (we notify about them in our app:

4️⃣ Access hand-picked collection of high value audio content (for Free), curated by our team for Self Development, Self Work, Healing, Building Better Relationships and more:

5️⃣ Read informative posts on our Insta Page and follow it:

6️⃣ Read informative posts on our LinkedIn Page and follow it:

Level 2: Seeking Transformation

Someone at this level has explored enough information and are now ready to take action.

How can Anamify help them?

Here are a few ways by which our team can help you...

I hope this summary is helpful☺️🙏🏻🌷

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