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Super 100

What does Akarma means?

This is a common question I get asked.

In literal sense it means, "free from consequences"

In a much deeper sense it means, "No Doer and since the doer is not there, there is nobody to experience consequences."

And this is my answer,

I'm merely an instrument (निमित मात्र)

No thoughts are mine.

No actions are mine.

No success is mine.

No failure is mine.

I'm an instrument in the hands of my Masters who instruct me to take certain actions via intuitive thoughts.

Either I'm busy executing the guidance I received OR I await in restfulness for my next instruction.

A life changing instruction

In 2018, I received guidance from my Masters to prepare 100 people who will create influential change in the society.

The name Super 100 emerged immediately!

My task is to prepare these 100 people so that they become capable of creating ripple effects by transforming thousands of lives.

How will I do that?

I also received the intuitive thoughts that in order for these people to transform other people's lives, they must first transform theirs.

I began work on this instruction.

I began designing a 2 part approach in which

  1. I will first transform them and

  2. I will give them the opportunity to transform hunderds and thousands of lives

Super 100 is not for everyone

This is for those who have an innate calling to serve others. They know for sure that they are here to ease their own suffering as well as ease the sufferings of others.

They are clear about their calling but have been looking for a way to make it happen.

So, if you are ready for these 2 things:

  1. Undergo a personal transformation AND

  2. Join Anamify Team to serve

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