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The Art of Doing Business

Updated: Apr 17

Some people may think, "Anamify is into the field of Relationship Coaching. So, why is this blog on business?"

Good question and I have a 2-point answer for this...

1️⃣ Lack of Time and Money affects Relationships

Among the top 5 Reasons that negatively impacts relationship between a couple are these 2 reasons:

  1. Lack of time

  2. Lack of money

When someone is in business and they have no formal business education or business background, then such a person not only burns their energy and time but also money.

It not only affects their

  • confidence,

  • morale,

  • esteem,

  • mental, emotional and physical health

but also creates a huge financial pressure on them and their family.

They become desperate for results.

And a desperate person creates more mistakes and take more wrong decisions.

This becomes a vicious cycle for them and they feel absolutely lost and helpless to break out of it.

And since all this affects their relationship with their life partner, we decided to do something about it!

2️⃣ This is my Area of Expertise

Before starting Anamify, I was in the field of Entrepreneurship Development for nearly a decade. I helped hundreds of Startups, Small and Medium sized businesses.

I worked as a Business Coach. I created a 5-Day residential program called Business Inception Camp (BIC). Over these 10 years, I conducted nearly 20 BICs in India, Nepal and Australia.

I also founded International Federation of Indian Subcontinent Entrepreneurs (IFISE) that had thousands of members worldwide and my leadership team spread across 10 countries. Through IFISE we promoted business opportunities between India and other countries in the fields of Import/Export, Services, Agriculture, Solar, Handicrafts and many more fields. We also helped many businesses in becoming investor-ready and also go into franchising.

I enjoyed this work and contributed in the field of Entrepreneurship Development for more than a decade. I was recognised and felicitated for my work by Media, Universities and Social Organisations in India, Nepal, Singapore and Australia.

I believe in one principle that my Master taught me many years ago, "My achievements are not important"

It is not important what I know or how much money I made. What is important is How many lives improved because of our work.

For that reason, I don't believe in self promotion.

It is not important that I share pics and videos of me receiving awards and stuff. In fact, when I left Pune and came to my hometown during COVID, I left all my awards back there only. I didn't bring any with me.

But if you want to know what other's achieved from my work, then please see videos from here...

After nearly 4 years of break, I have decided to do this...

I realised that I have everything that is required for a non-business person to become a business person.

Many people are struggling due to lack of proper guidance and I can see how much this is impacting them on all the levels.

So, I decided to relaunch BIC as a 1-month online Business Skills Certification Program.

How to access?

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