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Unstuck Yourself

Updated: Jun 30

Who should attend?

  • Those who feel confused or keep overthinking

  • Those who keep looping in past incidents

  • Those who feel anxious about minor issues also or about future

  • Those who feel taken for granted, feel unheard, disrespected, unloved by family or partner, over-giving, are feeling tired and drained

  • Those who have emotional outbursts

  • Those who are afraid to trust, fear rejection or abandonment or being left alone

  • Those who are tired of people pleasing and are going through manipulation

  • Those who can't set healthy boundaries

  • Those who have gone through physical/mental/emotional abuse or trauma

  • Those who feel powerless

  • Those who are afraid to get into relationships

  • Those who have high anxiety and stress

  • Those who want to find direction and clarity in personal life and relationships

What you will get?

  • Find the root causes of your problems

  • Becoming aware of your Repetitive Patterns

  • Get Clarity about what you need to heal

  • Action Plan and next steps to go forward...

What's the Fees?

Donation Only.

When is it?

To receive notification about date and time, please join this Interest Group


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