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Unstuck Yourself

Updated: Apr 17

Imagine you and your partner in a boxing ring.

You both throwing punches at each other.

Perhaps one person is throwing more punches than the other. And perhaps they are strong punches also.

However, the point to note is not who is beating more and who is beating less. The point to note is that you are wounded and bleeding.

It doesn't matter

▪️if you going to continue this relationship

▪️if you going to come out of this relationship

▪️if you have already come out of this relationship

You have accumulated mental and emotional wounds that are still unhealed and time is not the best healer!!

So, if this makes sense and you are ready to look into this, then you must consider this...

Want to know more about this workshop?

Like how long is it, how much is it, what people say after completing it, etc. etc...

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