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I want to Heal. Where should I start from?

Updated: Feb 20

The 1st step is to identify where you are stuck!

There are 4 ways (from our side) to help you to identify where you are stuck and how to get unstuck.

1️⃣ Online Live Talks

Participate in our weekly Online Live Talks. Bring your burning questions and converse with us directly in these live sessions - free of cost.

To participate, you need to be member of Conscious Relationships Circle (1000+ members) because meeting link is shared with the group members only.

Key Points about this group

  • Invitation-only Group

  • Mature members

  • Mostly women-only group in the age group of 30-45

  • No Gyanbazi, Forwards, Philosophies allowed

  • Strictly moderated group

  • Members openly discuss their relationship challenges

  • Judgement free space

  • 1000+ members

You can join this group using this link:

2️⃣ Our YouTube Channel

Listen to various recordings on variety of topics on our channel, such as Toxic Relationships, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Taken for Granted, Narcissistic Relationships, Twin Flame Relationships, Gaslighting, Insecure Attachment Styles, Love Language, Love Maths, Conscious Parenting, Dating for Singles and many many more...

These are all practical conversations with people struggling with real problems.

3️⃣ Clarity Call

If you feel that you can explain your challenge better on a private call, then book a 1:1 call with us from this link:

4️⃣ Unstuck Yourself

For more details, please visit:


The 2nd step is to start the healing process!

This is for those who are clear about where they are stuck and now want solution.

There are 3 ways (from our side) to help you with your healing journey.

1️⃣ eLearning Journeys

Using our 25,000+ hours of Coaching Experience, we have created DIY-style Coaching Sessions.

We call them eLearning Journeys.

Just the way we help a client in a private session, we have used the same approach and structure to create these journeys.

Read more about this from here...

2️⃣ Personal Coaching

If any of this is applicable to you:

  • you feel you have done enough DIY that is not leading you in the right direction or right pace

  • you feel you can accelerate your healing process by personal guidance and hand-holding

  • you feel your self-work is never-ending and now you are starting to loose patience and motivation

  • you feel that you know what you need to do and yet you feel lack of motivation to start or sustain it

Then book our time from this link to discuss further:

3️⃣ Become a Coach yourself

For more details, please check...

Hope this is helpful 🙏🏻🌷

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