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10 points you should know for a better Sex Life

Updated: May 2

Before I talk about the 7-Day Challenge. let me share some very important points about Better Sex Life with you.

Unlike other species, which only use sex as a mechanism to reproduce...

For humans, Sex plays a much bigger role.

  • To express and experience love

  • To express and feel connection

  • To relax and enjoy

When someone's Sex Life is unhealthy or unpredictable or non-existent, then it creates Mental and Emotional Imbalance in their life.

This imbalance leads to,

  • Loneliness

  • Dissatisfaction, Void

  • Frustration, Irritation, and Anger

  • Constant Anxiety

  • Inability to cope with Stress

  • Relationship Challenges, Constant Fights, Thoughts of Infidelity, etc.

  • Disruption in Professional Life

  • Demotivation and Depression

  • Low Self-esteem, Low Self-confidence, and Low Self-Image

  • Substance Abuse

  • Lack of focus/Distraction

  • Physical Illness in the long run.

  • Emotional/Mental health concerns

  • Food, Porn, Alchohol Addictions

And therefore it becomes imperative that we talk and discuss this matter.

Let us look at 10 points that lead to Unsatisfactory Sex Life.

Not every point may be useful or relevant for you. But once you see which of these points you resonate with, you can then do something about fixing/improving in that area, which will improve your Sex Life.

Makes Sense?


So after each of these points, make sure you note down what resonates the most with you. This will help you further on your journey.

1. Not knowing your needs, wants, and desires

What you are taught, what you have seen, what you have believed about sex,

could be very different from what you want.

Maybe as a young girl, you fantasized about your partner giving you a long kiss in front of your favorite monument Or Maybe as a man, you fantasized about having sex with your partner under the open sky?

What are your desires, fantasies, and dreams for expressing love to your partner?

Whatever your choice of sexual expression is, even if it is something like BDSM, trying different positions, toys, etc., one needs to recognize them and get over their judgment for the same.

Not able to express this to your partner, leads to frustration, unfulfilled sex.

2. Poor Body-Image

3. You don't know how to ask or tell

4. Lack of the right kind of Knowledge

5. You don't know how to connect emotionally

6. You have a limited perspective about Sex

7. I don't want to be too close... It's scary to be vulnerable

8. Fear of Abandonment

9. Fear of Commitment

10. Stuck in the Past


Bonus Point: Unconscious Sex

These days a lot of people engage in various forms of sexual release because they don't want to put any effort into a real relationship. They want to enjoy the benefits, without any complications that come with a serious relationship. They see this as an easier way to enjoy sex without any responsibilities and emotional or financial baggage that comes with the commitment.

Even though for all practical reasons, it appears that there is nothing wrong with this and there is no judgment from our side for this as well but we must bring your attention to the impacts of having random sex now...

Every time you have sex with anyone, you exchange energy.

Their trauma, wounds, baggage, and anything that your energetic system is not immune to, it absorbs. Just like sexually transmitted diseases, this is Sexually Transmitted Energy.

Negative Energy from the other person gets transferred because we don't know about their traumas and wounds. And hence, this is called Unconscious Sex.

These imprints stay with you for long until you consciously cleanse them and you stop destroying the sacredness of your energy.


Sex is a beautiful part of our expression as human beings. India is a country where we have places like Khajuraho and we wrote and followed Kamasutra.

We are a place that has always been open to Love in all ways including sexual expression of love.

The suppression of expressing love, and tabooing sex, have led us to a place where people indulge in things like casual sex, random sex, or there is so much violence in our lives.

Very few get the right education and understand the importance of conscious sex.

So, in the beginning, I asked you to note the points which resonate with you.

  • If you have more than 3, it's time to do something about it.

So, will you wait for the problems to worsen, OR

will you be courageous enough to acknowledge this and start taking baby steps today?

If yes, I have something very simple and powerful for you!

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