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Beauty of Vulnerability

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

Vulnerability is the strength within a person's Feminine side

In many of my past blogs (and conversations), I've clearly communicated that Feminine and Masculine energies are not the same as Female and Male. Both genders have both energies. The percentage composition varies from person to person. There are plenty of women who have high masculine energy and plenty of men who have high feminine energy. And then there are all sorts of people in between with different mix of these energies.

Vulnerability is the quality of the feminine.

So, what exactly is Vulnerability?

Dictionary meaning of the word is "open to attack". Taking this forward, therefore...

It is that part of you which is not afraid to express the hidden desires, fears and inhibitions. The part of you that is not afraid of judgement and labelling from others. That part of you that is not afraid of any attack.

Reading this, you can imagine the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength it requires to reach such stage in life.

In my book, BE. DO. HAVE., I have mentioned few times that...

Achieving a goal is not as much important as who you become in its pursuit

When you decide to become more vulnerable, then ofcourse, in the end, you become more vulnerable. But the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strength, tenacity, resilience, tolerance and perseverance you develop to get there, are your real achievements.

Becoming that woman who would wear whatever dress she feels like (not to prove something to someone) without getting bothered even a pinch about what would people say!

Becoming that man who would laugh and cry openly in a movie without giving a damn what others would think of him!

Isn't this liberating?

And if YES, then why wouldn't you at least give it an honest try?

I know that someone may be thinking, "I don't have any problem in being vulnerable. I can easily do that. In fact, I want to but it's my partner. They can't handle my vulnerability. They think of me as a weak and pathetic person and for that reason, I stop being vulnerable in front of them."

To that I ask, "If not being vulnerable in front of them is supporting, serving and nurturing you, then you are doing great. Continue..."

If it's not, then...

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