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Becoming a Power Couple

Updated: Apr 27

A Power Couple is 2 people who are Fulfilled and Content in themselves that when they come together they don't create a toxic codependency but rather a harmonious interdependency for each other. This can sound hypothetical or ideal. And that's not a surprise given the way relationships are these days. But what if this is possible? What if there are couples like this? No matter how small in number, but they exist. And if they became a Power Couple, then so can you. Isn't this thought worth pursuing? In order to understand Power Couple, let's first understand 2 types of energies - Masculine and Feminine. Masculine Energy is generally associated with Males and Feminine Energy with Females. This is a partial truth though!! We all have both energies. One of them is more dominant than the other. The thing to remember here is that males are not 100% masculine and females are not 100% feminine. There are men who have dominant feminine energy and there are women who have dominant masculine energy. Even between a Gay or a Lesbian couple, one partner has dominant masculine energy while the other has dominant feminine energy. The first step towards becoming a Power Couple is to start living in alignment with your own masculine and feminine energies. This means not ignoring the non-dominant energy in you. Nurturing that as well. For example, a man with dominant masculine energy also has feminine side (no matter how small). Let's say he is 80% masculine and 20% feminine. When we talk about balance or alignment, we don't mean that this man should become 50% masculine and 50% feminine. No. What we mean is that he should embrace both sides as they are and express both energies according to his natural genetic makeup. Not suppressing that 20% side of his and only expressing masculine energy all the time. If that is happening, then it is an indication that this man is not feeling comfortable to express himself authentically. This means that he must identify those reasons that are holding him back and work on removing the obstacles that are coming in his way of authentic expression. When this man has worked on himself and aligned himself according to his natural genetic makeup, he is ready to create a Power Couple relationship with a woman who has also undergone this transformation.

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