You don't need techniques!

Updated: Aug 10

What I'm about to say, is not for everyone.

But it could be for you.

For 20+ years I have been working as a Life Coach and Relationship Coach. From the experience of all those years, I discovered that most of my clients didn't actually needed "a solution" from me (although that's what they thought).

Now the question is, why they thought that? Because they were facing a certain challenge and they didn't know HOW to move forward. So, they thought that I might give them a different idea or perspective that they haven't tried yet.

As we talked, I realised that it's not the lack of ideas that is keeping them stuck, it is their own resistance and hesitation.

When I realised that, my approach changed totally with them. I was no longer a guide. I was a Janitor.

My job was not to show them the path anymore. My job was to clean it with them.

Path was already there.

It was not clean and walkable.

This is what I do when I do Laser Coaching with a client on one-on-one basis. Now I have converted this into DIY (Do-it-yourself) style Coaching; in the form of eLearning Journeys.

Check it out...

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