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You don't need techniques!

Updated: Apr 27

What I'm about to say, is not for everyone.

But it could be for you.

For 20+ years I have been working as a Life Coach and Relationship Coach. From the experience of all those years, I discovered that most of my clients didn't actually needed "a solution" from me (although that's what they thought).

Now the question is, why they thought that? Because they were facing a certain challenge and they didn't know HOW to move forward. So, they thought that I might give them a different idea or perspective that they haven't tried yet.

As we talked, I realised that it's not the lack of ideas that is keeping them stuck, it is their own resistance and hesitation.

When I realised that, my approach changed totally with them. I was no longer a guide. I was a Janitor.

My job was not to show them the path anymore. My job was to clean it with them.

Path was already there.

It was not clean and walkable.

If you are curious to know how I clean the path, then

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