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Conscious Relationships Circle - A Support Group for those who are going through Divorce/Separation

I know that it is not easy to go through the phase of divorce/separation, even when you saw it coming or you yourself decided to go for it.

I know this from both personal and professional perspective.

I have been in the field of Relationship Coaching for more than 20 years and hence I know!

Just because you know that this is the right decision, it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt.

I know very well what it means to have the right support at this time. How precious it is to have someone who can hear you, understand you and guide you without judging you.

I know very well what it means to be able to cope physically, mentally and emotionally with all the stress, anxiety and overwhelm that this situation creates.

And I know very well the dark place this situation creates in our mind that can lead to

  • not trusting someone new

  • not showing our vulnerable side anymore

  • not able to express our thoughts and feelings freely

I also know that all this creates impacts on

  • our family and well wishers

  • our work

  • our self-motivation

  • our self-confidence

  • our self-respect and self-esteem

Yes, I understand all that and that's why we have created this Support Group because I know how much this is needed.

Now the question is, do you feel that becoming a part of such Support Group is helpful and valuable?

If your answer is NO, then I thank you for your time for giving me your attention so far 🙏🏻🌷

If your answer is YES, then please accept my invitation to join our community from this link...

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