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Why Me?

Updated: Jan 21

I believe that every entity (living, non-living or otherwise) in this universe (known and unknown), has one purpose...

To evolve

Evolution means Transformation.

Although the end result of transformation is beautiful and desired; the process of transformation is messy, chaotic, confusing, painful, exhausting, frustrating, slow, draining and .........

We all want the end result.

But we don't want to pay the price it asks.

And that's when we procrastinate, avoid, hide, run away, deny and justify not taking the transformation journey. We come up with all kinds of reasons, logic and excuses for not doing it.

But guess what, we also know that if we don't learn the lesson to evolve, then this lesson will come back in different shape or form.

For example, if we don't know how to get along with our boss at work, then we can always change the job but the same situation will come back and the only difference will be the name of those people involved. Most of us have experienced this or similar situation and you can see what I'm trying to say...

Lessons that are meant to evolve you will not go away just because you don't have the time or intention to learn from them.

If one lifetime isn't enough, then you will face the same situation in multiple life. As many as required to complete the lesson.

You have the free will to not give the exam but then you can't go to the next class until you become ready to give and clear the exam.

If most people will agree with this and yet say "Why Me?" when they face a situation in life that will transform them and evolve them, then what more is required to say as an answer?

Do you just say "why me?" out of habit?

Do you claim that you understand that life lessons don't go away until we learn from them and yet utter the words "why me?"

Do you feel it is time to stop talking like this because it makes no sense and get on with the lessons?

If you said YES and you feel, "but I don't know HOW", then don't worry.

Click here to know the HOW...

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