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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

In the last few months, we have come across few people in our Clarity Calls who have completed Sadguru's Inner Engineering program.

While doing the program, they felt good but after sometime, they realised that either they are unable to continue with the processes they learnt or their issues are still pending. A consistent feedback is that they are unable to sit in meditations they learnt.

Why is it so?

Does meditation not work?

Does this program not work?

My answer is this...

You are asking the wrong questions!

How so? You might ask.

You see, billions of people have done meditation over thousands of years.

Thousands of people have done Inner Engineering.

And they have benefited.

So, questioning them is out of question.

Therefore the right question is...

Why is this not working for me?

There are 2 types of people...

  1. Those who practice Gyan Yog

  2. Those who practice Bhakti Yog

Now you may be thinking, "but I don't practice any of them"

Yog means lifestyle or way of living.

You may have chosen it consciously or adopted it subconsciously. Doesn't matter. What matters is that you become aware about it now.

Gyan Yogis are those who like to find their own answers. They believe in fact findings, analysis, research and fully understanding something before they adopt the idea. They want to know the why first. They are inquisitive. They are curious. They want to use their intellect to wrap their head around something before adopting it.

Their path is outside-in, meaning they first need to calm external factors before they can feel calm inside.

Bhakti Yogis are those who can trust the guidance from someone and adopt it. They don't question. They are totally fine to be guided by someone they trust, be it their parents, their teachers, their elders, their gurus, books, social media influencers and so on. They don't have the need or urge to question or investigate.

Their path is inside-out, meaning they first need to calm inside before calming external factors.

Inner Engineering is a Bhakti Yogi's method.

A Gyan Yogi will not connect with it.

So, what does a Gyan Yogi must do?

Meditation, as first step is for Bhakti Yogis.

Gyan Yogis must Contemplate as first step.

To learn "How to Contemplate", please check this post...

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