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Understanding Healing

Updated: Apr 17

I'm sure you have heard from many different sources that we need to heal our emotional wounds and traumas in order to gain back the control of our life.

While many people understand this, the question that still lingers is, "How? What to do? What is the process? What are the steps?"

So, I thought I'll write something crisp on this...

Healing involves 4 steps

This video presentation explains

  • Each of these 4 steps

  • Why these 4 steps?

  • Why this sequence?

  • Mistakes people make in self-guided healing

  • What people miss in DIY-style healing?

  • What are the gaps?

  • Why it takes so long to complete healing?

  • How to address all these problems?

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1 Comment

Vanshika Garg
Vanshika Garg
Jan 16, 2023

Beautiful, so simple and practical, crisp and clear. ❤️

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