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The Thread of Relationships

Updated: Apr 27

After the death of a jeweler, his family was in grave trouble. They did not have enough money even for food.

One day, his wife gave her son a sapphire necklace and said, "Son, take this to your uncle's shop. Ask him to sell it and give us some money."

The son took that necklace and reached his uncle's shop. His uncle looked at the necklace thoroughly and said, "Son, tell your mother that the market is very slow right now. If she sells it after some time, she will get a good price." He gave him some money, and further said, "come and sit with me at the shop from tomorrow."

So, the next day onwards, the boy started going to the shop every day, and there he started learning how to test diamonds and gems. Soon, he became a well-known connoisseur of diamonds. People started coming from far and wide to get their diamonds tested.

One day his uncle said, "Son, bring that necklace from your mother now...tell her that the market is good now, you will get a good price."

Taking the necklace from his mother, the young man tested it himself and found that it was a fake. He began to wonder that his uncle was such a great connoisseur...why didn't he inform them?

Leaving the necklace at home, he returned to the shop.

Uncle asked, "Didn't you bring the necklace?" He said, "Uncle, it's artificial... But why did you hide this from me?"

Then his uncle said, "If I had told you it was fake when you had first brought the necklace to me, you would have thought that I was only doing it because you were in a difficult situation. Today when you yourself have the knowledge, you know for sure that the necklace really is fake. At that time, it was more important for me to take care of the relations than to speak the truth."

The truth is that, without knowledge everything we think, see and know in this world is wrong.

And because of this, our relationships become a victim of misunderstandings which then lead to rifts, and our life starts falling apart.

The invisible thread by which relationships are tied is nourished by love and trust.

If Love or Trust has been a challenge for you, then you may find this a useful read...

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