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What are Subliminals? How to use them & When they would not work for you. Mistakes to avoid.

What are Subliminals and How do they work?

“Subliminal” comes from Latin, “sub limen”, which means “below the threshold”, referring to the threshold of detection by the conscious mind. In simple terms, Subliminals means below the threshold of conscious perception - put simply Subliminals audios refer to sounds played at a level you are unable to hear consciously - but that can be perceived by your subconscious mind.

Subliminals are the affirmations that bypass your conscious mind and go straight into your subconscious mind. These hidden affirmations are embedded in the music just below your hearing level.

Because your conscious mind is not aware of the subliminal suggestion underlying the music so it can't put up barriers against it. That's why subliminal affirmations avoid any resistance, which would usually hold you back.

Your conscious mind only hears the music.. but there is much more happening behind the scenes!

With repeated listening, your subconscious mind begins to accept the suggestions as true. Day by day, it will become easier for you to reach your goals because you now have tapped into the power source - Your subconscious mind. The consciousness knows only one answer, 'Yes'

Just like that, Whatever you feed into your subconscious mind, it starts to believe it's real. It cannot distinguish between what's real and unreal. It's not aware of what is right and wrong. It just simply radiates the vibration that has been accumulated by us over the years.

The affirmations that are present in the background which cannot be heard by the conscious mind but only the subconscious, actually slowly create an imprint by absorbing it.

There are hidden positive affirmations that are directly targeted to your subconscious mind they reach your subconscious mind without any unnecessary analysis from the conscious mind.

Your conscious mind can't argue with them because they are not heard by them at all. The affirmations are played at a low volume and they manifest into your reality. Your subconscious mind impresses upon itself what you truly desire.

Why use Subliminals?

Subliminal programs are designed to take advantage of subliminal input of information, for accessing the subconscious mind directly with those instructions. They are designed to influence you in some way subconsciously to achieve a specific outcome. Such outcomes may take a very wide range of things. You can find subliminal audio and video programs with goals that range from the simple to the extremely complex, and from reasonable to ridiculous.

Do they really work? When do they not work?

Yes. Subliminals do work if the affirmations used are written well, recorded properly, and used in the right manner by the user.

So in which cases, it might not work?

If it is not written properly, recorded properly, used properly or there is an extremely strong resistance in the subconscious to receive the messaging. While choosing the Subliminals,

  • It's important that the Subliminals that you are using are in a language and accent which can be clearly understood.

  • They must be created with a fair knowledge of what results are we trying to achieve.

  • Also, the script should be created in a way that it is understood by the conscious and subconscious minds. That is why, when we create Subliminals, we highly recommend having a call with us and an in-depth discussion to see how you say things and perceive things.

  • It is also important that the Subliminal messages should have the right volume set. Not so high that the conscious mind hears it, and not so low that it cannot reach the subconscious mind at all. So the volume has to be managed well.

It's also important that you use it properly.

Now how to use it properly?

  • Consistency is important. Using the once or twice here and there won't help. Listen at least 4x a day or more if you like.

  • Be careful not to overuse. Over-usage is not recommended either. Taking breaks in between is important too so that the messaging can be processed properly.

  • Listening to it while sleeping is the best time to absorb it, as the subconscious is more receptive and auto listening mode at that time.

  • Although, if you want to listen to it during day time. That is also good. But just don't overuse it.

  • Be patient. Don't expect results in a day.

  • It works better with headphones/earbuds but you can just put it on the speaker(only while sleeping in a quiet room) which also works.

  • Approach it with an open mind. Doubting at the beginning itself will bring you to a certain failure. Being confident and repeating to yourself you’re already getting the results you want is an amazing way to start. Do all the necessary checks before you start, and then when you start, start with trusting the process.

Also, Actions play their own role. Don’t expect Subliminals to work on their own. At least don't start it with that mindset. You have to put in your own efforts too in whatever capacity is required. That will only enhance this process for you and make it faster.
Use these Subliminals as a catalyst or enhancer. Not a solution. You have to play your part in the story by taking action.

When not to use Subliminals?

Use it to change your own old belief patterns into more positive ones with clarity to what you want to achieve and where you want to reach. Use it with the right intention to make yourself a better person. But don't use it to manipulate external situations or reactions from people. Do not use it in a way where you are trying to make yourself believe that you can control someone else's reaction. It is not advisable at all.

Eg. I want to get my ex back or I want this person to react this way. It may or may not work. But either way, it actually won't help you. It can also be dangerous (not in short term but long term)

Note: To achieve any positive result in life, you can use various kinds of Subliminals available with us or on other platforms. It's always good to take professional help if you want to achieve the results faster and in the right way. In case of healing abuse or any serious trauma, we recommend you to take the help of a professional strictly. As the subconscious may create reverse resistance which can lead to another set of issues.

If you want us to create customized/personalized Subliminals for you, Book a clarity call here to understand if this would be the right choice for you or what would work for you the best.

Hope this helps! Have a good day! Love.

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