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Building Conscious Relationships

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More About E-Learning Journeys

E-Learning Journeys

Healing Grief

Losing a relationship comes with a lot of pain. If suppressed or not dealt with the right way, it can cause us emotional, mental and physical ailments.

To perform optimally and find yourself again, it's important to heal your grief.

This journey would help you pass through your grief in a healthy way.


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Building Intimacy through Aligning Love Languages

Have you ever felt that no matter what you do and how much you do, it is never enough for your partner?

It feels almost impossible to make them happy!


Would you like to fix this?

Couple Shopping
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How to set Healthy Boundaries

โ€‹Almost every person would agree that setting healthy boundaries is key to managing and nurturing good relationships. And yet so few accomplish it.

Do you want to know the psychology behind this and fix this for yourself?

In Love Couple
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Healing the Attachments to Heal the Romance

Everybody wants Love. Instead of attracting and retaining it in our life, we either repel it, reject it, avoid it or run away from it. 
Would you like to know why we do it and how to stop doing it?

Happy Couple
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How to Stop being Taken for Granted

Feeling unappreciated, unrecognised and unsupported in a relationship is a sign that you are taken for granted.

If you feel that enough-is-enough, then take this journey to reclaim your power...

Happy at Home
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21-Day Body Detox Challenge

When your room gets very messy, you start feeling uneasy. And the day you tidy it up, you feel so relaxed, so light and so accomplished.So, isn't it time to do the same for your body and feel relaxed and light from inside?

Ready to accept the challenge?

Healthy Woman
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Guided Meditations