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Hi, I am Prerana Shenoy.

Experienced Accounts & Audit Executive | Chartered Accountancy Finalist | Passionate Mental Health Coac

My Story

I kickstarted my corporate career at a Global Investment banking Company. Working nearly 14 hours a day, juggling multiple reporting responsibilities at work; This experience had a beautiful combination of challenges and triumphs which taught me to take a step back and develop deeper understanding that my role required. My step back was to pursue a qualification - Chartered Accountancy.



During my internship (also known as articleship) for CA, I was assigned various engagements across banks, engineering college, textile manufacturing, Pharma industry, global IT Companies, hospitality industry, insurance sector.


Every week, I travelled to a different office, sometimes a different city. Each time the role required me to understand how the industry functions, more importantly how the management functions. My role gave me opportunities to meet industry seniors holding key positions. This setup was instrumental which helped to broaden my horizon and step outside my comfort zone in building inter-personal relationships.


Working with teams across different industries, I observed professionals with incredible IQ and business acumen; however, their low emotional intelligence was reducing their leadership effectiveness. In my interactions, I strived to provide guidance and offer deeper perspectives.


Although being from a non-psychology background, I realised my potential to coach and mentor people during lockdown. I volunteered to provide free online mental health counselling. My diverse experience in coaching includes

1. Mentoring women who were distressed with family responsibilities and wanted to pursue a career

2. Providing support to a father who lost custody of his children

3. Counselling a couple amid extra-marital affairs

4. Counselling Parents whose children had absconded their home

5. Guiding genz to deal with relationship heartbreaks

6. Helping women process guilt, shame and stigma caused by divorce/ separation

7. Counselling support to an entrepreneur who had lost his clients


I have also assisted in conducting group meditations and seminars to assist people cope with fear and grief.


My desire to make life better for people passion paved my way to laser coaching program at Anamify.


I saw a shift in my coaching skills after the program. As a Laser coach, I have worked with clients facing relationship issues, social anxiety and introversion, anger management, setbacks in career.


My Working Approach

I provide a warm and confidential space to clients to discuss their challenges. Being able to hold space for people gives me immense satisfaction. I love to build curiosity and connection in my coaching style which has always brought results to my clients. My unique style of blending my story telling skills with coaching has always brought humour and wisdom to my sessions. I'm at peace knowing I alone cannot change the world, I can only contribute in bringing forth the changes that the world needs.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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