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3 Important Points to know when Evaluating any Coach Certification Program

Updated: 3 days ago

A little about me

I've been practicing coaching in many different forms such as Life Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Business Coaching, Executive Coaching and Leadership Coaching for 21+ years and have accumulated 21,000+ hours of coaching experience.

I did a Diploma in Coaching from The Coaching Institute, Melbourne (Australia)

I'm a certified Master Practitioner of NLP

I'm a certified Deep State Repatterning Professional

I'm a certified Level 2 extended DISC (eDISC) Consultant and Trainer

I'm a certified Train the Trainer, Trainer

I'm a Numerologist

I'm a Tantra Practitioner

Author of 2 books

A little about my transformational journey

I moved to Australia in 1999 and became an Australian Citizen in 2005.

In 2002, an incident happened that I had no idea that time was so powerful, that made me the person I am today.

Four years after that, in 2006, I faced a personal crisis, which accelerated my transformation into the person I am today.

That crisis created the opportunity for me to restart my Spiritual Journey in this life. I enrolled myself in a Diploma of Life Coaching from The Coaching Institute in Melbourne (Australia). I was very clear about the need for it. I didn't do it to become a professional coach. It was purely to equip myself to handle the crisis I was facing.

But as-if fate had something else in mind. I was required to offer pro-bono sessions to complete my diploma. Although I was doing it for personal reasons, it was a 3 years course. I thought to myself that I have already given this much time. Why not complete this formality and get the certificate too.

So, I began offering pro-bono sessions. It turned out that those who received it benefitted a lot. They started referring me to others and one day I decided to make this my full-time profession.

In the last 2 decades as a Professional Life Coach, I have come across clients going through challenges that made it quite clear why this path selected me!

My clients included a woman who was forced to go through multiple abortions by family in desire for a male child; a lesbian couple struggling to find their place and purpose in the society; a man who was the victim of domestic violence; a bed-ridden handicapped man wanting to tell his wife to have a sexual relationship with another man but couldn't; a rape victim who wanted to meet and forgive the offender; a woman in the extramarital affair but also equally in love with her husband; a man with wife and kids and also gay inside; a young girl who had phobia from anything that could shake when she is inside it like lifts or cars; a 36-years-old man who was addicted to Coca-Cola from the age of 2 years and was facing multiple health issues including early age diabetes.

These are a few of the many extreme cases. And then there are clients with regular relationship challenges that include abuse, domestic violence, infidelity, outside interference, childhood traumas, childhood abuse, depression, suicidal tendencies, etc.

In the early days of my profession, these stories used to affect me a lot. Sometimes, I felt as helpless as my clients. I knew that this was not sustainable. I must look after myself and shield myself to help my clients better.

That's when I found Osho. I instantly resonated with Tantra's philosophy, as if I'm already practicing it for the past several lives. Knowledge and practice of Tantra felt effortless to me. Many times I knew intuitively what Osho was going to say before he said it. I found my shield. For many years after that, I worked on my Kundalini. And now I help others to awaken their Kundalini.

Many years later, I found my second Guru, Mooji. By the grace of Mooji, in 2019, I realized "Who I am".

That's when my spiritual name "Akarma" came to me during one of my meditations.

With the help of Osho and Mooji, my Spiritual Journey unfolds every day and I feel so lucky every day to be doing what I'm doing.

Why I did this webinar?

It is not a hidden truth anymore that on one hand we are making huge leaps in technological advancements while on the other hand, mental and emotional wellbeing continues to decline.

Worldwide, there is a huge shortage of mental health professionals and this has lead to a boom in Coaching sector. Because of this, there are so many Coach Development Programs available that it is very confusing to decide which one to go for.

Being a professional from this field, I feel it is my duty to educate those who want to know what they should look for when enrolling in such a program.

And therefore, I've done this webinar in which I disclosed 3 very important points that nobody will tell you to look for in a course/program.

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