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How to identify if you are with a karmic partner?

Updated: Apr 27

Karmic Relationships are the ones in our lives that feel magnetic and we instantly feel an attraction towards them as if there is a special connection we share with them that we cannot define. They kind of mask and confuse you like your twin flame because of two major reasons:

1) Both are attractive.

2) Both are turbulent.

But they are very opposites in terms of the way they act out in our lives.

Although, BOTH LEAD TO OUR EVOLUTION. But one has come to our lives for our evolution by coming out of the relationship, while the other has some so that we could evolve together.

As all relationships that we stumble upon in our lives are sent for our growth. So do our karmic partners. There is something we need to go through in these experiences so that we could break free from the old patterns of life.

They are actually opportunities. Not to be seen as something in terms of being bad.

How do we manifest these relationships?

It's hard for one to realize if the relationship is a karmic relationship just like the list of relationships given below because the attraction that happens very well mirrors love.

We can sometimes take years and years to even realize if a relationship is a karmic one because it is too hard to distinguish unless we are just thinking and analyzing it rather than looking at the mindfully and listening to our intuition.

We even tend to get out and in these relationships again and again because we are unable to resist being with them.

A few things are observable at the beginning of these relationships,

1) Magnetic connection. You feel destined to be with this person.

2) Inability to be without each other

3) Holding tightly, despite what damage it does.

4) Inability to let go

5) They feel perfect with each other as if they are destined to live together (Just like twin flames) but the love that arises is out of trauma and pain, not a space of love.

6) Unhealthy Attachment (Unlike Twin Flames which live in a detached despite a deep connection)


Because they perfectly fit our TRAUMA AND WOUNDS. Either similarly, or in a complementary fashion. They are like a piece of a puzzle matched together, vibrating inside at the same frequency sharing the same pain, or trying to make the other feel better because they empathize with them, or it can be through manipulation, control, or excessive possessiveness, protection, etc.

You feel you can't live without them. Why?

They are filling the gaps in you. They are meeting some of the needs that you couldn't meet as a child.

These are also not limited to a lifetime relationship, they could be coming forward from your past lives. So that you could learn the lesson which you couldn't in the past life. They have come for you to see what you need to heal within yourself.

Note: The karmic relationships aren't exclusive to a romantic relationship. This can be experienced with anyone you encounter including your parents, friends etc. But, here we are covering it in the aspect of a romantic relationship, although the conditions remain the same.

Karmic Partnership and Common Relationship Issues

As per my experience, I am going to connect this with the regular toxic patterns in relationships rather than only talking about the spiritual connotation from which this word comes out.

First, there is an undeniable attraction in this relationship. The mirror love is because of the common issues we deal with in the relationship which all look like love to us,

Trauma Bonds,

Codependency, Dominance and Submission,

Unrequited Love,

Excessive Possessiveness,

Excessive neediness, etc.

Signs to identify a Karmic Relationship

1) Constant High and Lows.

2) Repeating Patterns of fights and arguments.

3) You become codependent.

4) You are anxious and fearful. You don't feel safe.

5) You are always questioning the relationship, but also giving reason to stay. You feel UNSURE.

6) You feel tired and stretched.

7) It gets hard to let go of them.

8) Misunderstanding and Miscommunication.

9) Consistent Push and Pull. Love-Hate relationship. You can't be with them, or without them.

10) Partners are all-consuming of each other's energy.

On the upcoming Sunday, 18th September 2022, We'll be discussing "Karmic Relationships - How to identify and deal with them''

To register for the open discussion, Click here. If you wish to continue attending our Sunday calls, the link to join the Conscious Relationship Circle is in the same link. Love, Akarma and Anamika

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