Is everything that triggers me, a wound?

Updated: May 7

Taking the conversation forward from my last blog post (Peaks and Valleys) where I clarified what wounds and healing means.

People often ask me, "If a situation or person is making me angry or stressed, then does that mean I have an unhealed wound?"

Answer is YES and NO. Let's explore...

YES, it's a wound!

If that situation or person takes you back in time and you start to remember other incidents that made you feel how you are feeling now.

If you find yourself on a train of thoughts that is projecting fear in future based on what happened in the past.

It could be because of this person or somebody else. It doesn't matter.

What matters is this awareness that you are not in the NOW. You are in the past. You are re-living the hurt and pain in your mind and right now you don't want it to repeat.

So, your reaction or response is not going to come from a space of calmness and groundedness, but rather from fear and desperation.

NO, it's not a wound!

We are humans with feelings and emotions. If we put our hand in fire, it will hurt. If a mosquito is going to bite us, it will itch.

Similarly, if a situation or person makes us angry or sad or stressed, etc then it could be just that. If we are not going back in time or weaving stories of "ifs and buts", then it is a good indication that this is not an unhealed wound.

It's just a knee-jerk response.

Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence can help us to discern between these 2 situations. So, continue to become more Mindful and Emotionally Intelligent, everyday.

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