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Journeys of Self-Mastery

Updated: Apr 16

Using 27,000+ hours of Coaching Experience of Team Anamify, we have created DIY-style Coaching Sessions.

We call them eLearning Journeys.

Just the way we help a client in a private session, we have used the same approach and structure to create these journeys.

Some of the popular eLearning Journeys are:

A. Under Healing section:

1. Healing Grief

2. How to Stop Being Taken for Granted

3. How to Set Healthy Boundaries

4. Healing the Attachments to Heal the Romance

B. Under the Self-Improvement section:

1. Building Intimacy through Aligning Love Languages

2. 21 Days Body Detox Challenge

C. Under People Psychology section:

1. Demystifying Human Behaviour for Self-awareness

2. Overcoming Limiting Patterns for Healthy Mind

Some of the popular Guided Meditations are:

1. Body Scan

2. Yog Nidra

3. Healing Light

Some of the popular Subliminals are:

1. Releasing FOG (Fear, Obligation, Guilt)

2. Financial Prosperity and Abundance

3. Unshaken Courage, Confidence, and Will Power

Your subscription gives you access to ALL this content - eLearning Journeys, Guided Meditations, Subliminals, Assessments, etc. Everything.

Not only that, we regularly create and upload new content and you will have access to that also, as long as your subscription is Active!

ALL the content is created by using the principles of Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

If you are wondering, should I subscribe or not, then consider this...

If you are facing any of these challenges, then this System is for you:

Feeling overwhelmed with your partner | Lack of Healthy Communication | Taking each other for granted | Fights over Financial Issues | War of Chores | Trust Issues | Incompatible life goals | Lack of Appreciation | Mismatched Sex Drives | Different Views on Parenting | Jealousy | Differences in Core Values | Unrealistic Expectations | Addictions | Being unsupportive | Not giving proper attention | Boredom | Monotony | Infidelity | Wanting different things from the relationship | Excessive controlling | Too many Arguments | Keeping score of mistakes | Lack of Responsibility on the part of one partner | Attraction outside of Relationship | Mental/Emotional Abuse by one partner | Manipulation | Speaking different love languages and many more..........

As long as you are an Active Member, you will have access to ALL the content - Present and Future.

Once your subscription expires, you can choose to renew it using the available plans.

We believe that it is possible to create and sustain an Intimate, Fulfilling, and Harmonious Relationship with your partner.

If you don't have a partner right now, then also this applies to you. Why? Because this is a journey of Self-Mastery. It starts when you identify your emotional wounds, traumas, negative thought patterns, and unhealthy triggers. You don't need a partner for this. You first heal yourself and take charge of your life. Only when you heal yourself, will you resonate with another person who has also worked on themselves. When you are wounded, you will subconsciously attract those partners who are also wounded and struggling. Two wounded people don't make a Power Couple. Only two healed people make a Power Couple.

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