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What is Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is a special Coaching technique that is based on the principles of Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Tao and NLP.

This technique can deliver results 5 times faster than Traditional Coaching and Counseling methods.

The core reason behind Laser Coaching's efficiency is the fact that a Laser Coach primarily coaches a pattern and not the person.

Let me explain...

If you strip away all the labels of a person like Age, Education, Financial Status, Caste, Religion, Place of Origin, Language, Gender, Beliefs, Values, Preferences, Likings, Dislikings, etc., then what is left of that person is universal in nature.

That essence, which is left, is governed by certain Universal Laws which we call Patterns.

These patterns defines how a person

  • thinks

  • feels

  • acts

  • make decisions

  • picks their beliefs and values

  • experiences fears and insecurities

  • creates their own Red Flags

  • gets stuck in repeating cycles

  • gets stuck in unhealthy life situations

  • feels helpless and sometimes hopeless to break out of them even after trying so hard

  • experiences so much pain, anxiety, stress, resentment, regret, guilt, shame, embarrassment, anger, depression and hopelessness

We train our Laser Coaches in such a way that without getting trapped into a Client's Life Stories, they can effectively identify the hidden patterns that led to those stories. They are trained to listen to only as much stories as required to diagnose.

And that's why, when they have enough data, they can move from diagnosis to treatment phase, thereby bringing huge shifts for the client in one Clarity Call only.

But in order to achieve this, a Laser Coach has to undergo an intense Self Transformation first.

I've created a 6-month Certification Program to create a Laser Coach from scratch.

No prior knowledge or experience of coaching or psychology required.

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Hi Akarma

Am sure you are doing great.

The link given above for more details doesn't work for what's app business. It's applicable for normal what's app. Any way out?!

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