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Experience Transformation

Work with our coaches and get personalized guidance for each step of your journey.

To discuss your challenge and understand if personal coaching is for you or what could be other alternatives, book a clarity call with our team from the link below.

One on One Personal Coaching Sessions

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Who is this for?

These sessions are available for Relationship Challenges for Couples/Individuals, Life Coaching, Executive Coaching.

  • Those who want to are ready to commit and are willing to prioritize their transformation over anything else at present.

  • Those who want customised/personalised transformation journey.

  • Those who specifically want to work 1-1 only and not in group.

  • Those who want someone to handhold them and make them feel accountable.

  • Those who want to work at the root level even if it appears scary to face one's own darkness/shadows.

  • Those who are willing to listen and receive keeping their pre-conceived notions aside and ready to experiment with new perspectives.

  • Those who are willing to bring change and take the needed actions.

What will you get

The practical strategies to reshape their relationship, intelligently and mindfully.

Determine the toxic factors that undermine relationships and ways to avoid them.

How to disagree respectfully and communicate mindfully.

Higher level of self-awareness and acceptance.

Develop intimacy and feel deeply connected to your partner.

How to meet your needs in a healthy way

Stress, anxiety and anger management techniques.

Creating a mindful and conscious daily life routine.

What do we provide

With a background of 25+ years of combined experience, we bring for you our experiential learning over a period of working with thousands of people in varied fields and studying their relationships in all different facets of life.

With our background in mental health, emotional trauma healing, executive coaching, life coaching, spiritual coaching, corporate wellness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and energy healing, We provide a unique coaching opportunity for our clients.

We optimize our coaching services with our non-conventional methods, varied structures, and techniques and formulate a customized solution unique to you. The coaching is a confidential, private time-out to first go to the unhealed patterns of the past and reflect. Then, having a futuristic view on what kind of life we aim to create.


We encourage you to first see if you are willing too to seriously take a deep dive and put equal efforts with us.

We have a lot of confidence in the way we work and we have been delivering life-transforming results to all our clients in the time frame of 90 days which we promise.

Note: This is a paid call. Fees is INR 1249. You'll receive the payment link one you submit the form. The slot will be confirmed only after the payment.

About 1:1 Coaching
  • We work across the globe

  • Duration of one session - 90 Mins

  • Your identity is kept confidential

  • Recommended period of engagement - 90 Days

  • Total number of sessions - 12

  • Payments - To be made advanced in the first week of the month

Our Methodologies

They all stem from our four major methodologies which include mindfulness, emotional intelligence, laser coaching, and vertical jumping.

Confused if your challenge will get resolved by this?

What could be the best way for you to come out of your challenge?

Let us first understand your situation and help you get clarity and navigate.

What kind of issues we help you resolve:

- Any kind of Relationship Challenges as an Individual or Couple

- Nor being able to commit in a relationship or find a right partner

- Repeating patterns in life. In family, work, friends etc.

- Mental or Emotional Health Related Challenges like anxiety, confusion, lack of clarity, lack of confidence, lack of motivation, low self-esteem, grief, stuck into patterns etc.

If you have decided to turn things around and if you are ready to commit to a professional process, then let's investigate this further...

If you are here, reading this, Perhaps you are ready to commit yourself to work on your relationship.

We congratulate you for the courage you have shown. You should be proud of yourself! Taking responsibility for your happiness and well-being is the first step to any change. Whether you are alone or with your partner, to embark on this life-transforming journey together,  we are sure it is going to work out amazingly.

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