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Moon, Men and Mood Swings

It was full moon yesterday.

Today, since morning, I'm in an irritable mood. For no reason. Nothing happened. No emotional trigger. Nobody said or did anything.

I was feeling the irritation and edgey-ness since morning. Taking any conversation in all sorts of directions. Misunderstanding. Feeling down. Feeling upset and annoyed. Feeling argumentative.

And then in the afternoon it hit me!

It's because of the moon.

It used to happen a lot earlier but not that much lately.

You see, full moon has a powerful magnetic effect on water. It causes high tides. And we are 70% water. It creates such intense pull inside us as well that causes emotional chaos for no apparent reason, until we realise that the reason is moon itself.

It's effects on women is well known.

However, it affects men as well but due to low awareness of this topic, we don't realise it.

When I shared it with Anamika, she said, "you can be irritable as much as you want today."

I just laughed and said sarcastically, "thanks. I was holding myself since morning, as-if!" 😂

Then we laughed and I feel better since then ☺️

So, men, next time you find yourself in off mood for no apparent reason, just check the moon!

There is nothing to solve here. Just be aware and let it pass!

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