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Why did the tea spill?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

This is a story from Osho.

At a party, a guy was walking with a cup full of tea. It was filled right up to the brim. He was walking very slowly, very carefully and with full undivided focus on the cup. He did not want to bump into anyone otherwise the tea would spill.

Suddenly, a waiter comes out of nowhere and bumps into him. The tea spills!!

Osho asks, "Why did the tea spill?"

Logical answer is, "Because the waiter bumped."

Osho being Osho smiles wittingly and says, "The tea spilled because the cup had tea in it. If the cup had juice, then juice would spill. If the cup had milk, then milk would spill. If the cup had water, then water would spill."

What does this mean?

What is Osho pointing to?

We are all walking with our hearts filled with anger, rage, sadness, resentments, guilts, griefs and so on...

People will bump into us.

People will trigger us.

When anger comes out, when resentment comes out, then they didn't put it there. It was already there.

I was walking very very carefully so it doesn't spill out!

But when it spills out, then I blame the person who triggered me. I point finger at that person. But I never bring my awareness to the fact that I was already carrying it in my heart!

So, where did it come from?

That's a good question now!

There are many reasons for it to be there...

  • Mother Wounds

  • Father Wounds

  • Childhood Traumas/Abuse

  • Unhealed Emotional Setbacks

  • Unresolved Grief from Loss

and many more...

All these lead to us

  • Adopting Insecure Attachment Styles

  • Unable to Set Healthy Boundaries

  • Creating Toxic/Wounded Masculine & Feminine Energies

  • Unable to Embrace Vulnerability

  • Unable to Trust

  • Unable to Love ourselves and others

  • Unable to Receive Gracefully

and many more...

How to fix this?

To solve a problem, it is very important to diagnose the root cause properly first.

Here is how you can do that...

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