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Transforming your Relationships to more Joyful, Authentic, and Conscious Expression of Life In 90 Days

Living an average relationship is easy. But living a fulfilled and passionate relationship requires your to work on yourself as well as work together with your partner.

There is no doubt that Relationships can be complex and frustrating. But having a strong committed partnership can help us THRIVE in all areas of our lives. Here are some of the advantages:

Healthy Body and Longevity | Healthier Behaviors | Greater Sense of Purpose | Better Performance at Work | Good Emotional and Mental Health | Quicker Healing and Rebound from Life Situations | Higher Self-Worth and Better Self-Image | More Pleasure and Good Sexual Life

We know that it is important for you. Maybe all you need right now is someone who can hold space for you as you take on this journey of exploring yourself and your partner.

If you are here, reading this, Perhaps you are ready to commit yourself to work on your relationship.

Maintaining a good relationship requires work, every day!

Does this statement sound exhausting or does it sound exciting?

If your answer is - it sounds exhausting, then either the intimacy level in your relationship has dropped already or it is dropping….

What causes Intimacy levels to drop?


Intimacy is crucial to your Romantic Relationship to make it function healthily. But to bring a relationship to its healthy state, one must know the 7 Pillars of Intimacy:


1) Trust

2) Acceptance

3) Honesty

4) Safety

5) Compassion

6) Affection

7) Communication

When one or more of these pillars get weak in a relationship, then they impact the Intimacy Level between the couple.


For example, if you or your partner feel that the other person is not trustworthy and honest anymore (as they used to be), then it will directly impact your connection with your partner as well as your sex life.

So, What to do now?

Based on our 25+ years of combined experience in the field of Relationship Coaching, we can tell you that it is possible to recover from the challenges like, 

Feeling overwhelmed with your partner | Lack of Healthy Communication | Taking each other for granted | Fights over Financial Issues | War of Chores | Trust Issues | Incompatible life goals | Lack of Appreciation | Mismatched Sex Drives | Different Views on Parenting | Jealousy | Differences in Core Values | Unrealistic Expectations | Addictions | Being unsupportive | Not giving proper attention | Boredom | Monotony | Infidelity | Wanting different things from the relationship | Excessive controlling | Too many Arguments | Keeping score of mistakes | Lack of Responsibility on the part of one partner | Attraction outside of Relationship | Mental/Emotional Abuse by one partner | Manipulation | Speaking different love languages and many more...

If you have decided to turn things around and if you are ready to commit to a professional process, then let's investigate this further...

If you are here, reading this, Perhaps you are ready to commit yourself to work on your relationship.

We congratulate you for the courage you have shown. You should be proud of yourself! Taking responsibility for your happiness and well-being is the first step to any change. Whether you are alone or with your partner, to embark on this life-transforming journey together,  we are sure it is going to work out amazingly.

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Relationship Coaching

Healing your Relationships

With a background of 25+ years of combined experience, we bring for you our experiential learning over a period of working with thousands of people in varied fields and studying their relationships in all different facets of life.

With our background in mental health, emotional trauma healing, executive coaching, life coaching, spiritual coaching, corporate wellness, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and energy healing, We provide a unique coaching opportunity for our clients.

We optimize our coaching services with our non-conventional methods, varied structures, and techniques and formulate a customized solution unique to you. The coaching is a confidential, private time-out to first go to the unhealed patterns of the past and reflect. Then, having a futuristic view on what kind of life we aim to create.


We encourage you to first see if you are willing too to seriously take a deep dive and put equal efforts with us.

We have a lot of confidence in the way we work and we have been delivering life-transforming results to all our clients in the time frame of 90 days which we promise.

Note: This is a paid call. Fees is INR 1000. You'll receive the payment link one you submit the form. The slot will be confirmed only after the payment.

Are you ready to be heard? Let's talk.

Our Coaches

Anamika D.

Relationship Coach



Relationship Coach

How it works

Here are the basic details we would like you to know.

  • We work across the globe

  • Duration of one session - 60 Mins

  • Your identity is kept confidential

  • Suggested period of engagement - 90 Days

  • Total number of sessions - 12-14

  • Payments - To be made advanced in the first week of the month

Our Methodologies

We have our systems in place to cover a variety of issues in your relationship which have been tried and tested over many years.

They all stem from our four major methodologies which include mindfulness, emotional intelligence, laser coaching, and vertical jumping.

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What our Clients say

What our Clients say

Check our Testimonials

What our Clients say

What our Clients say

Check our Testimonials

What our Clients say

What our Clients say

Check our Testimonials

What our Clients say

What our Clients say

Check our Testimonials

What our Clients say

What our Clients say

Check our Testimonials