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Tailored Meditation/Subliminal

Imagine having a 10-minute meditation that caters exactly as per what you are trying to achieve in your life.

Be it in your relationships, mindset, healing, love, building character or starting your day as per your goal.

or having subliminals which are designed in your comfortable language which can be absorbed by your mind, including your name or your loved ones or words that mean something to you.

 Something that you can keep with you and use anytime you need.

Working on meditations is something I love to do. People respond best to meditations created for them, with their names spoken in it, dealing with their specific issues. I offer to facilitate meditation and also provide the recording to people for further sessions so they can listen to it over and over again.


If you feel this is of use to you, we create a Meditation dedicated to what YOU need.

Simply have a call with me and I'll create meditation just as per your need. 

We have a consultation and we discuss what you would like from your Meditation. We will look at things that are happening in your life and you tell me what you want to get out of your meditation. Between us, we can decide which area, theme, or concern is the most important for you to concentrate on.

Meditations Made for you that focus on:

Raising your vibration, means taking a break from the day to day stresses and feeling calmer and more centered

Deepening positive attitudes to areas in your life such as health, finances, family, and work.

Creating space to deepen your connection to your inner wisdom and creativity

Whatever it is I can create a Meditation to speak directly to YOU and your needs.

The fee for designing one 15-20 meditation or 3 versions of subliminal is $100 or Rs. 7500, which includes a questionnaire and 45 mins call with you to understand your requirements.

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