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I've already tried everything

Updated: May 1

People approach me to discuss a challenge they are facing.

My approach is to ask them what they have tried already so I don't waste time in suggesting it.

After they tell me that, I give them some options from my side. Sometimes, without fully understanding my suggestions, people say, "I've already tried this"

To that I say, "You told me this but I'm telling you that, how are you hearing them as same thing?"

They say, "Ya I understand but I've tried it. It's kind of similar to what I tried."

I don't argue with such people because I can see that although they are asking for help, but they are not ready to accept that they missed this angle. To them, being right is more important than being happy.

So, this reminds me of a story...

A couple goes on a drive.

Suddenly, they come accross a roadblock.

A tree is blocking the road.

It was a lonely road, no one to be seen.

The wife declares, "Don't worry honey, I will move the tree enough so you can drive past it. It is not a very big one. I can handle it."

The husband looks at her and admires her confidence with a smile and a nod.

The woman goes to the tree and looks at her husband. He shouts from the car, "Come on honey, you can do it" with both thumbs up.

Many minutes pass and the tree only moves a little bit. The husband continues his cheering from the car, "You can do it. Use all your strength."

The wife smiles back and continues.

More minutes pass and now her husband's cheering is starting to irritate her.

The husband comes out of the car and with loud clapping cheers, "You can do it. Use all your strength."

Now the lady is tired and frustrated. She charges back to her husband and says angrily, "Can't you see that I am using all my strength?"

The husband smiles and says softly, "You haven't used all your strength honey. You didn't ask me to join you."

Some people approach me and yet not open to use my strength

I've noticed that they don't want anybody's help. They just want a validation that they already tried everything.

In all this they don't realise that by seeking to be right, they are still suffering from the problem. They refuse to use "all" their strength.

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1 Comment

So well put. And thank you for being there, team Anamify.

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