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What is LOVE?

Updated: Apr 27

Is it an attraction? Is it Sex? Is it spending life together? Is it being together forever? Is it marriage? Is it defined anywhere? Is it commitment? Is it promises? Is it being in a relationship? Is it a mystery?

All is Love. Just some are transcended forms and most are distorted within our societal constructs.

But How do we realize it? By looking within.

We don't look within. So we don't experience it and thus live with beliefs of what love might be.

Like we ask, What is God? Or the Source? Well, Literally Everything. We are all extensions of it. But just until the ego took over, We wore the masks and created distortions with separation. We forgot what we truly are and how to love.

For the shift to come or true change to happen, we need to remove our masks.

A lot of questions are thrown and developed by the society that what love is and how you should love, the way it should be, and if it is not that way, then is it even love?

The problem is, when we are taught what love is, we believe it, and we put it in our mind that this is how love looks like and we try to measure it through various parameters.

If my partner sacrifices this for me, It's love. If we spend our lives together or just stay committed, It's Love. and a lot more......

All that can be beautiful, but all that matters is whether is coming from something within us as a pure expression or by external societal beliefs that were fed on to us.

It is easy to fail to understand love in the midst of all the drama in our lives and what media shows us how love should be and what it is. There's a lot of misinformation about love is the fuel for stories that are not about love at all, but rather are clear demonstrations of need and desire and a pure WANTING. This cycle of attachment is all too often described as love.

This failure in society to understand the real power of love makes it more challenging to recognize love when we actually experience it.

Love is something which happens from the heart, and the mind just gives in. It's not something that can happen only using the mind. Rather than being love, we start measuring it.

If we truly understand what love is and we are just made of it, We would know the power it holds in itself & how immensely it can heal us.

Love. Love for your own self as an extension of the Source. And also, Love for the people around, also as an extension of the Source.

Love can heal and transform your life & it is the most powerful and profound thing that can happen to us as sentient beings.

We are all made up of love, maybe in different forms and for different things and in different ways and that is the part of the Universe's Expansion and Expression.

But what I am saying refers to the power of Love which is both transformative, and by its very nature takes you into what is Divine, what is Unity.

To love is a bond that is eternal, formless and timeless. A connection so deep. Something not limited by time or confined by space. It just is.

The reason that love has all of these magical and mystical powers is that it is much more than our emotions.

When you truly love, you may feel many emotions, these emotions only serve to open your heart & your mind to let you learn how to love. But love is something that helps you even transcend emotions & move into a space of awareness where it becomes everything, that is something bigger than just feelings. It becomes all.

Humans are different from beings of other sentient categories is because of their level of consciousness. We are all gifted with it. It's just that we forgot how to value our own gifts.

We have a body but we are not just that.

We have emotions, but we are not just that too.

We have a mind, but there is something even beyond our minds.

We are a part of the divine consciousness. All above will die and merge, but there is something eternal that is infinite within all of us.

Love is where you co-exist as a miraculous creation. You are in Union, within and therefore, without.

Beyond the wanting and doing, but just being.

It unifies you into the full mystical expression of your unified self. It reveals the miracle of a complex being who is simultaneously both physical & Divine. Full yet utterly empty. Pregnant with infinite possibilities. Through the microcosmic connection, you are able to connect to the transcendental macrocosm. The divine trinity is formed.

It is something that teaches us & helps us transcend the duality as an entity and dissolve into something eternally singular yet changing all forms. It is a bridge between your eternal & physical nature.

Due to the deep conditioning of our minds, there is always a possibility that we merge into our understanding of love as something that is not love & this is what leads to so many fears and closes us from loving others deeply. Expressing fully. We all are very comfortable with expressing our emotions by phrases like "falling in love", "Getting mad in love" and whatnot but we don't experience where these emotions are taking us. It can lead us to an opportunity to open fully to love. To surrender. In that experience, your soul merges with another. That is a blending of being that enables you to celebrate unity of heart, mind, and Soul.

We all hear people saying “love hurts.”

Well! Can it?

When we are identified as a limited EGO SELF, love can also turn out to be threatening to us. When we are actually given a chance to love someone, we merely attach it to our Ego Self and start projecting our needs and desires upon the one whom we say we have fallen in love with.

If we understand love even a bit, then we may realize that it was our needs, desires, and attachments that hurt not love.

Even if we were only able to experience it just for a few moments, the experience of transcending your needs & desires can be an enlightening one.

A lot of us also confine it in boundaries like, if you truly are in love then you must spend your whole life with that person or he/she should be with you. But when you truly experience love, it wouldn't matter if it is for a moment or for the whole life.

The quote I so deeply connect with by one of William blake's poem made me ponder of my love,

To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.

There are no rules, no doing, no boundaries, no judgments, no opinions, no attachments, no wants, no needs, no desires, just what remains is love. It is something which you experience when you let yourself move beyond yourself into the bliss of unity of two beings. Even if it was not meant for a lifetime, in that brief transition from there is a powerful life lesson that can teach us about love.

Even in those fractional moments, we transcend your sense of ego identity and better understand what love is. When we have loved beyond our emotions we can learn deeply about the oneness of our physical and divine dimensions. Also, in those moments, being aware of these moments and observe the subtle change in something within us. This is blending and merging of two very different worlds and coming to the point of singularity.

The upward and downward spirals. Yin and Yang. Feminine and masculine. Both Polarities.
Something which is changing every micro-moments and something which is changeless.

We, as humans are temporal material beings. Born with a physical self, formed with elements of air, water, earth, fire, ether. But are we limited to that? Our Six senses guide us. We need food, water, shelter, clothes, and a lot of things for the survival of our physical bodies. Along with these necessities are numerous desires.


Along with this, what makes us human are our own feelings and emotions. Our power to feel adds up to all the experiences we have in the physical form. Every moment we create experiences, small or big. These are something vast and significant and also drive our life. They make us a dynamic being. Fear, shortage, loss are all powerful motivators. Yet, These Identities are going to die and merge with the source. Just in a matter of time. Beyond your physical senses, emotions are one of the most influential parts of your human experience.

Your mind and ability to engage in thoughts also lets us tap into this human experience as a controlling experience. What you think, and the very content of your thoughts is a dynamic creative force in your life.

The physical body, the mental body, and the emotional body are what makes us function as a human simultaneously. They all are driven simultaneously. Yet there are so many levels of us beyond that. The etheric, the causal, the astral, the energetic, the auric and so many more. Integrated and merged into your personality. Your personality is the integrative force that enables these seemingly diverse parts of your being to function. This integration of these under the direction of your personality is a part of your being.

These first three things merged onto one is then available to further merge and integrate with the non-material aspects of your consciousness, something eternal, something innate.

The Truth of you and your reality. Merging with the Universal Truth.

& that is what brings a dynamic and transformative depth in your consciousness that the essence of love is finally revealed, not limited to your emotions, thoughts, expectations, wants, mind but in the blending of Souls. Something divine.

It is when, with all your being, you are finally able to Integrate the material with the eternal, transcendent, and transforming aspects of love, that everything can open and change.

When you love with no conditions, it becomes a bridge for you from the world and limitations of matter into that which is Transcendent. You can then leave behind the restrictions and limitations of the material world and open yourself to that which is timeless, and endless.

Love is so much more than emotion; for when you love you transcend the temporal and enter into the eternal.

Love is a miracle and I also call it a mystery, seeing its beauty as something which cannot be described by mere words. It blesses you with grace. It remains within you and lives like a perfume that lingers longer and longer. It teaches you life lessons that how to live in duality which is limited to the realization of something which is eternal. It blends everything.

'No-self' is involved in the activity.

As you open your heart and your mind to love. & then you can transcend the limitations of your human experience and enjoy the world of your Soul which is limitless, endless, and beyond both time and space.

It can take the form of something which is infinitely small or consists of the whole universe. Because where you go, it goes with you. It serves both worlds. The finite to the infinite. It has no bars. It doesn't end. To touch the eternal with the temporal (which will end someday) is to have the opportunity to dance into eternity. We experience this by learning to love is a miracle.

When you learn to love another, no matter where they come from or where they belong, in many diverse forms that love offers, then you form a bond that is eternal and beyond words.

Embrace love as many times and in as many ways as you can!

Love is the one part of your human material existence that bridges to your spiritual and eternal aspect of yourself. It teaches you to live in the dual awareness of the physical with the profound awareness of your Soul.

When we talk about our sexuality, with our partners. So loving someone through the body can be beautiful and transformative. It can help us to overcome the illusory and limiting sense of separation and demonstrates the union of Soul that is possible with Love. But it is vital to not fall into the trap of the egoic mind. The thinking and believing that sexual passion has ignited real power. Instead, the union of bodies is only a vehicle to the union of Souls that Divine Love creates.

Sexual love and passion reveal the truth that when you love, you can transcend the pain of loneliness and isolation, but the transcendence is not in the physical release and sensations but in the connection and expression of Love.

What is eternal you receive with that connection, That is what is real, the truth. Love is a portal of unity that transcends the time of physical contact & passion for creating that which is unlimited & unconfined. Sex and passion are the extras, an adventure to open the connection.

That sex is deeply connected to your soul, which most of us don't understand in this Era. It leaves soul print and thus it is wise to have circumspect & discriminate about how, when, and where you share your body.

It is not about morality, not the rules, no the rights and wrongs, but rather the understanding of the power of sex to open your heart and mind and Soul to Love.

Well, Don't take it as any rule again. Listen to your feelings and see what is it that life is trying to show you. Follow your truth. But If you see deeply, this is where you'll reach.

That Love is deeply healing and transformative. It has the power to transform and impact your life. It connects you to your body and makes it potentially much more than just a physical act. Sexual expression of Love is so mystical in its very essence. Beyond merely a physical act or just any biological reaction of the physical body but it also goes through the mind and the most beautiful part is that it can connect you at the spirit level. Making you taste the divine oneness. The Ultimate Union.

It is in that deep connection that Love is experienced.

It doesn't have to be sexual. It's about the connection which makes it so beautifully ecstatic. Sex without that connection is only a temporary pleasure.

I am not judging it here. After all, we all are given free will to choose what we want. I am just sharing the way love can be experienced.

It is that deep connection that can free you from your hurt, your pain, your grief, and fill your wounds by embracing them.

It is not an attachment. It is not ownership. It is not holding on. But It's letting everything fly and be free and just simply flow.

It is our attachment where we often associate love with clinging to them.

You may still do all that I have said above, but love is detached.

Where nothing belongs to you, but everything is yours.

Is Love Limited?

Well. Let me answer that by a question. Do you really thing that something so profound is something that is to be put within the frames?

That deep connection which blossoms at the Soul Level can be true to one person, or literally many. In various forms, different ways. In any manner. In all relationships.

All we need to find is How do We want to Express our Personal Truth as as our highest expression of the Source Energy? It's just a matter of Choice. Because we are given freewill. and The best Choice is to listen to the truth and express. Know thyself.

When we are able to differentiate Love and Attachment Clearly, we also experience that no relationship, no connection can ever be taken away. It's there or not physically, but it exists eternally.

Even though we perceive our reality through the lens of Time and Space, One thing becomes very clear that When We truly Love, We become Love. And it simply becomes a perfume that lingers longer than forever.

Understanding Love as energy can truly be is enlightening. Understanding that the essence of Love is not just material but it opens the spiritual realms to you. When we experience love truly for what it is, We know that it's the only thing that stays.

Love which is realized cannot end because it is created by the part of us that is timeless & eternal.

In Love, you are not selfish. You have tasted the Union. So your expression will always be conscious expressing and desiring what's best for you and your beloved(s). This is totally different from the way we experience love now in this era which is run by need, transactions, attraction, ego, or passion.

Until we have truly loved, We'll be only seeing the distorted forms and call them love.

True Love is Pure Consciousness. Its the truth. What is observed and experienced in the matter is a reflection.

To Love in truth is to merge, to unite, to amalgamate. To experience the full breadth and scope of that unity need you to have an open heart and also an open mind.

It is totally freeing, when we are freed from our own attachments & desires.

We are the Path and Every obstacle on the path.

It's our own attachments that keep us inside the prison and limits our ability to love. Love is expanding within and without just as the universe is expanding all ways.

Love is the ultimate healer, as it frees your soul and releases the fears, the attachment, from the deceptions & illusions and Self-created patterns.

Free Love to be Love.

Let it be the power that it truly means. Allow it to release fear, dispel pain, and reveal what is real & expose what is not real.

Take some time to Ponder. Is Pure Love attached? Can attachment be Pure Love? or Just another distorted, society made version of Love.

It is the misunderstandings about Love that creates pain. It is our own attachments to not let it free, to hold on to it, to CLING to it, and desire it, again and again, is what Love from being the source of joy that Love really is.

Whatever we resist, and Whatever we cling to. Creates the same energy pattern over and over again. And we keep moving into the same circle while not taking into account that Love is that powerful thing that can free us from this.

When you experience love, and how it creates us, and how it works for us, all the wounds start to heal on their own. Because of Love, you are able to see the reality AS IT IS and still love it while taking the conscious decisions it needs.

When people say 'Love hurts' I would like them to ask themselves. Can something which is unity in itself and in its very nature create a sense of pain and hurt and SEPARATION?

Well, it's only the illusion of attachment and expectation which does so. Because Love frees. You and others. Love Unites, ad end separation. Separation of the Souls.

It's not just the loss of a relationship or let's say a romantic partner, but when you experience becoming Love, you even move beyond the separation caused by death. Because you know that love is eternal.

I will again say, Free Love to be Love.

In the current societal construct, we live in, We have labeled all that which is not love at all to be love and we do not even understand how love truly works and how powerful it is. It is one of the saddest parts of observing the human drama to note how, Love, the most significant spiritual power and healing power in the world can be used, or more truly misused to create sorrow and pain.

Let's be Love.

Disclaimer: This writeup is my personal viewpoint which I have written based on my own experiences and understandings. Even If you resonate with this, Don't just read the words but try to find the essence through your own experience. It is not any recommendation, but I am sharing this with you to find inspiration to find the truth within you.

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