What is LOVE?

Updated: Aug 10

Is it an attraction? Is it Sex? Is it spending life together? Is it being together forever? Is it marriage? Is it defined anywhere? Is it commitment? Is it promises? Is it being in a relationship? Is it a mystery?

All is Love. Just some are transcended forms and most are distorted within our societal constructs.

But How do we realize it? By looking within.

We don't look within. So we don't experience it and thus live with beliefs of what love might be.

Like we ask, What is God? Or the Source? Well, Literally Everything. We are all extensions of it. But just until the ego took over, We wore the masks and created distortions with separation. We forgot what we truly are and how to love.

For the shift to come or true change to happen, we need to remove our masks.

A lot of questions are thrown and developed by the society that what love is and how you should love, the way it should be, and if it is not that way, then is it even love?

The problem is, when we are taught what love is, we believe it, and we put it in our mind that this is how love looks like and we try to measure it through various parameters.

If my partner sacrifices this for me, It's love. If we spend our lives together or just stay committed, It's Love. and a lot more......

All that can be beautiful, but all that matters is whether is coming from something within us as a pure expression or by external societal beliefs that were fed on to us.

It is easy to fail to understand love in the midst of all the drama in our lives and what media shows us how love should be and what it is. There's a lot of misinformation about love is the fuel for stories that are not about love at all, but rather are clear demonstrations of need and desire and a pure WANTING. This cycle of attachment is all too often described as love.

This failure in society to understand the real power of love makes it more challenging to recognize love when we actually experience it.

Love is something which happens from the heart, and the mind just gives in. It's not something that can happen only using the mind. Rather than being love, we start measuring it.

If we truly understand what love is and we are just made of it, We would know the power it holds in itself & how immensely it can heal us.

Love. Love for your own self as an extension of the Source. And also, Love for the people around, also as an extension of the Source.

Love can heal and transform your life & it is the most powerful and profound thing that can happen to us as sentient beings.

We are all made up of love, maybe in different forms and for different things and in different ways and that is the part of the Universe's Expansion and Expression.

But what I am saying refers to the power of Love which is both transformative, and by its very nature takes you into what is Divine, what is Unity.

To love is a bond that is eternal, formless and timeless. A connection so deep. Something not limited by time or confined by space. It just is.

The reason that love has all of these magical and mystical powers is that it is much more than our emotions.

When you truly love, you may feel many emotions, these emotions only serve to open your heart & your mind to let you learn how to love. But love is something that helps you even transcend emotions & move into a space of awareness where it becomes everything, that is something bigger than just feelings. It becomes all.

Humans are different from beings of other sentient categories is because of their level of consciousness. We are all gifted with it. It's just that we forgot how to value our own gifts.

We have a body but we are not just that.

We have emotions, but we are not just that too.

We have a mind, but there is something even beyond our minds.

We are a part of the divine consciousness. All above will die and merge, but there is something eternal that is infinite within all of us.

Love is where you co-exist as a miraculous creation. You are in Union, within and therefore, without.

Beyond the wanting and doing, but just being.

It unifies you into the full mystical expression of your unified self. It reveals the miracle of a complex being who is simultaneously both physical & Divine. Full yet utterly empty. Pregnant with infinite possibilities. Through the microcosmic connection, you are able to connect to the transcendental macrocosm. The divine trinity is formed.

It is something that teaches us & helps us transcend the duality as an entity and dissolve into something eternally singular yet changing all forms. It is a bridge between your eternal & physical nature.

Due to the deep conditioning of our minds, there is always a possibility that we merge into our understanding of love as something that is not love & this is what leads to so many fears and closes us from loving others deeply. Expressing fully. We all are very comfortable with expressing our emotions by phrases like "falling in love", "Getting mad in love" and whatnot but we don't experience where these emotions are taking us. It can lead us to an opportunity to open fully to love. To surrender. In that experience, your soul merges with another. That is a blending of being that enables you to celebrate unity of heart, mind, and Soul.

We all hear people saying “love hurts.”

Well! Can it?

When we are identified as a limited EGO SELF, love can also turn out to be threatening to us. When we are actually given a chance to love someone, we merely attach it to our Ego Self and start projecting our needs and desires upon the one whom we say we have fallen in love with.

If we understand love even a bit, then we may realize that it was our needs, desires, and attachments that hurt not love.

Even if we were only able to experience it just for a few moments, the experience of transcending your needs & desires can be an enlightening one.

A lot of us also confine it in boundaries like, if you truly are in love then you must spend your whole life with that person or he/she should be with you. But when you truly experience love, it wouldn't matter if it is for a moment or for the whole life.

The quote I so deeply connect with by one of William blake's poem made me ponder of my love,

To see a World in a Grain of Sand. And a Heaven in a Wild Flower. Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand. And Eternity in an hour.

There are no rules, no doing, no boundaries, no judgments, no opinions, no attachments, no wants, no needs, no desires, just what remains is love. It is something which you experience when you let yourself move beyond yourself into the bliss of unity of two beings. Even if it was not meant for a lifetime, in that brief transition from there is a powerful life lesson that can teach us about love.

Even in those fractional moments, we transcend your sense of ego identity and better understand what love is. When we have loved beyond our emotions we can learn deeply about the oneness of our physical and divine dimensions. Also, in those moments, being aware of these moments and observe the subtle change in something within us. This is blending and merging of two very different worlds and coming to the point of singularity.

The upward and downward spirals. Yin and Yang. Feminine and masculine. Both Polarities.
Something which is changing every micro-moments and something which is changeless.

We, as humans are temporal material beings. Born with a physical self, formed with elements of air, water, earth, fire, ether. But are we limited to that? Our Six senses guide us. We need food, water, shelter, clothes, and a lot of things for the survival of our physical bodies. Along with these necessities are numerous desires.


Along with this, what makes us human are our own feelings and emotions. Our power to feel adds up to all the experiences we have in the physical form. Every moment we create experiences, small or big. These are something vast and significant and also drive our life. They make us a dynamic being. Fear, shortage, loss are all powerful motivators. Yet, These Identities are going to die and merge with the source. Just in a matter of time. Beyond your physical senses, emotions are one of the most influential parts of your human experience.